MALIBU—A Malibu man is lucky to be alive after getting into a car accident and plunging his vehicle 300 feet down a cliff on Friday, January 26.

Zane Vargas, 29, of Hawthorne was driving to work on Kanan Dune Road, near Via Acero Street, at around 6:45 p.m. on Friday when he was struck by another car. Vargas’ vehicle skidded off the street and down the cliffside next to the road. Vargas was trapped in his vehicle as the doors on the car jammed as a result of the collision.

“It was just airborne all the way down and I just landed ‘boom,’” Vargas said in an interview with CBS Los Angeles.

The Malibu Search and Rescue Team and the LA County Fire Air Ops rushed to the scene to help Vargas. Vargas explained that the officials “wedged open the door, they pulled me out slowly to make sure I wasn’t more injured than I am.” “I could just feel the wind and the debris hitting me and the firefighters protecting my face with their hands,” he continued.

Authorities airlifted Vargas to the UCLA Reagan Medical Center where he was treated for his wounds. His vehicle, a Cadillac sedan, was destroyed in the crash. According to NBC Los Angeles, the other car involved, a van overturned as a result of the car accident, but there were no reports of any injuries.

A GoFundMe was created to help the family

“Times are hard Hello my name is Zane Vargas. I was on my way to work driving up Kanan Dume Road in Malibu California when another car collided with me I unfortunately flew off the cliff 300-plus feet down and was airlifted and taken to UCLA Medical Center [where] I had a broken arm and dislocated elbow bumps and bruises I’m just happy to be alive right now I’m left homeless because my vehicle was me and my wife’s home as well, we would appreciate any and all donations thank you,” a post on the GoFundMe page reads.

As of Wednesday, January 31 a total of $1,225 has been raised. This isn’t the first incident of a car tumbling off a cliff in Malibu. On January 18, another vehicle plummeted 250 feet into a ravine near Malibu Canyon Road, where officials from the Los Angeles County Fire Department airlifted the victim from the crash site.