HOLLYWOOD—Talk about an unexpected surprise in the soap arena. “The Bold and the Beautiful” is notorious for killing iconic characters, when you least expect it. First there was Ally Forrester, now you can add Caroline Spencer to the list. Yes, out of nowhere Bill’s niece, the woman who was once married to Rick Forrester, slept with Ridge and then Thomas Forrester has died.

This is a twist, because it completely threw me for a loop. I was well aware Thomas was headed back to Los Angeles, but I never knew it was going to be because of this. It was out of left field; Taylor receives a bad call, then Bill, both learning of Caroline dying from a blood clot. I guess we can officially say Caroline is not returning to the canvas because the way this storyline is headed, they can’t deliver a gotcha moment to the viewers.

Why? Caroline’s original portrayer Linsey Godfrey is the new Sarah Horton on the NBC soap “Days of Our Lives” and she is killing it on the series America. “The Bold and the Beautiful” lost a great actress, which NBC immediately scooped up. Everyone has rallied around Thomas and Douglas, but it raises a major concern. Are we able to see a new love triangle between Wyatt, Sally, Thomas and Flo? It seems that way, but Taylor has other plans.

Sally and Thomas were a strong item before Bill’s big lie and Wyatt and Flo have chemistry and we know she’ll be sticking around for a while, with her mom, portrayed by Denise Richards slated to hit town in coming weeks. I’m going to reserve judgment at the moment because I want to see how this plays out; it looks like it could be plenty of fun America. It seems like the youngsters aren’t the only past loves being reunited, some sparks are starting to ignite between Katie and Bill. I guess the third time is a charm, but I swear to God if Bill cheats on Katie again or we see this storyline I’m done with the soap for good.

I hate seeing the same thing recycled over and over and over again in the soap arena it creates pure boredom. With that being said, Ridge and Taylor might see a reconciliation in the future as they rally to be supportive parents to Thomas in his time of need. That leaves Brooke as the odd woman out, and we know that Taylor and Brooke are not the best of friends, and if she thinks her nemesis is moving in on her hubby.

There is one more elephant in the room that we have to address: the issue regarding the baby swap. This tale is turning quite boring to say the least. Steffy’s portrayer Jacqueline MacInnes Wood recently gave birth to a baby boy and is slated to take her maternity leave. That leave involves Steffy heading to Paris with Phoebe and Kelly. So I suspect at the earliest the truth about Beth being alive will not come out until perhaps May sweeps. I swear if we have to wait longer it will be a missed opportunity for the soap.

Flo is cracking more and more each day, Wyatt and Sally are no idiots and are aware Flo initially lied about children; it will only take them a matter of time to start to connect some dots. As a result, Zoe is working overtime to keep Flo quiet, just when she was ready to spill the truth to Liam and Hope about Phoebe. Wait, Reese convinced her otherwise, so who knows exactly what will transpire in the coming weeks, but it can’t drag too much longer before becoming mute if you ask me.

Zoe make up your mind already. Either you will spill the dirty truth or blow up in flames when the truth comes out. As for Taylor’s plan, she seems to be pushing Thomas in Hope’s orbit. It doesn’t hurt that Hope is bonding with Douglas in his time of need, and the child is attached to her. I never thought of a Hope and Thomas relationship, but where does that leave Liam and Flo?