HOLLYWOOD—After that drunken tryst involving Caroline and Thomas, audiences knew precisely where the soap “The Bold and the Beautiful” was heading. Caroline was slightly surprised to learn last week that she was pregnant, but it made her quite happy to say the least. There is one slight problem, that baby that she is carrying does not belong to her hubby, Ridge; it belongs to his son, Thomas!

Ridge was forced to break the news to his wife that he had a vasectomy while in Paris. That prompts Caroline to realize there is no possible way Ridge could be the father of the baby that she is carrying, and cue the chaos that is spinning in her head.

The acting from Linsey Godfrey has been stellar these past few months; she may have lost the Emmy last year, but I think she is a shoo-in for 2016.

Still on a downward spiral because the woman he loves is no longer available, Thomas begins acting out at work which grabs Ridge’s attention. Anyone at Forrester Creations should be able to realize that Thomas has deep rooted feelings for his ex, while at least Nicole and Brooke can see it. It was hard to see Thomas and his father get into a fist-fight, and this was before Ridge learned about Caroline’s affair with his son. Imagine what he’ll do to his son when he sees him. It seems to be a pattern of family members firing family members. First, Steffy fired Ivy and now Ridge will likely give Thomas the boot or at least Caroline. Is it even possible for these three to work in the same building after what has transpired?

Speaking of Ivy, she begged Steffy for her job back, but the fierce lady was not budging. I mean, Ivy could still out to the world that Steffy fired her because she has video of her whacking Aly with a tire iron, killing her. Steffy can deny it, but what logical reason could she provide besides that; it’s not like she has one. Ivy’s predicament is sure eating away at Quinn because she begins to see Bill playing favoritism to his sons once again.

Why does everyone see this except for Bill? It’s like Liam can do no wrong in his father’s eyes. I wonder what dear ole dad might say when he discovers the whopper of a secret his son has been keeping regarding Aly’s death. That is tabloid fodder that will shoot sales through the roof; Bill would love nothing more than to rub things into the face of Ridge and the rest of Forrester Creations. Something tells me Ivy’s insurance policy is about to come into play, but I don’t think Ivy is the person who will leak that video. I suspect it will be someone else with a grudge against Steffy; wouldn’t it be shocking if Aly had a twin we knew nothing about?

With so much chaos at Forrester Creations, Wyatt’s idea about starting his own fashion house might not be a bad idea after all. The CEO will be an emotional mess, the President will continue to worry if the truth will surface and the design team looks to be falling in shambles. Yep, cue the fireworks because things are about to explode in ways that one can only imagine.

“The Bold and the Beautiful” airs weekdays on CBS.