UNITED STATES—On Saturday, August 29, the Center for Disease Control updated their public information with facts that reveal more accurate numbers of positive reported cases of COVID-19 and reveals false information shared with the public early on. The cause of death reports now includes those who have died from other underlying causes.

CDC On Masks/Shields

In March, The World Health Organization (WHO) reported that “The use of masks alone is insufficient to provide an adequate level of protection against the spread of coronavirus.” The WHO has since been defunded by the U.S. for not being a trustworthy source for the U.S.

The public was first told that the use of masks would prevent the spread COVID-19 and that the treatment of hydroxychloroquine and Zithromax would not help. It is not clear how many cases of coronavirus and deaths could have been prevented if this information was released earlier.

CDC Reports Deaths By State

Dr. Simone Gold and the thousands of American Frontline Doctors who formed the group were admonished for coming forward promoting hydroxychloroquine as a treatment and for indicating that it was not necessary to shut down the country over coronavirus. Dr. Gold reportedly lost her job over it while Dr. Stella Immanuel was mocked and censured on multiple social media sites for calling hydroxychloroquine “a cure.”

First reports from the CDC were inaccurate. They were false reports. The CDC has been reporting directly to the White House. There is even a government link with the updated information on it, cdc.gov. Their daily posts have never been censored or removed.

CDC Reported Deaths Per 100,000 People

It is not clear why cases involving people who died of heart attacks, breathing difficulties, and other pre-existing conditions were tested post-mortem for COVID-19 or why those deaths were then reported as COVID-19 deaths.

There has been a huge public response on social media. There are those that say it’s all Trump’s fault.  One of the commenters on the cdc.gov wrote, “You’re nothing but a political party any longer. We can’t trust anyone.”

Another commentator said, “CDC is dedicated to protecting the health and promoting quality of life through prevention and control of disease, injury, and disability. How exactly are you doing this?”