HOLLYWOOD—It’s hard to believe it has only been a total of 3 weeks of mayhem on “Celebrity Big Brother.” That might be because the level of gameplay and pure excitement has run circles around previous seasons of the reality-competition series (yeah, I’m talking about you “Big Brother 19). I even hate to say this, but the creators could almost get rid of normal BB and treat audiences with a celebrity version each year because then we don’t have to worry about fame seeking houseguests who don’t want to play the game. I mean Friday treated audiences to its first and only double eviction of the season, where Mark, the reigning Head of Household finally broke up the treacherous four (Marissa, Ross, Ariadna and Brandi). He nominated Ariadna and Brandi, and when Ariadna won the Power of Veto, Marissa was nominated and Brandi was sent packing.

Now Friday’s double eviction had to be one of the best audiences has seen in years. It was a nail-bitter literally, as a tie-breaker went into play between James and Omarosa. Yes, the former White House Director of Communications has been a revelation on the show (I’ve been secretly rooting for her after that blindside in the first week). Ross and Marissa were overdramatic as usual, and Lady O (as she has now been coined), won a vital HOH and was out for blood. How so? She nominated Ross and Marissa, with the intent of sending Ross packing, however, this guy does indeed have nine lives cause he won another clutch POV to save himself, sending James to the block.

Personally, I wanted to see Marissa sent packing. God this woman chats nonstop, even host Julie Chen was well aware that this Broadway diva has a mouth on her that never stops. However, James was sent packing in a 2-1 vote. How ironic that the two people who could not stand each other found themselves evicted from the abode in the same night. Our final five consists of Marissa, Ross, Mark, Ariadna and Omarosa, with the next HOH being a vital one, for a battle of endurance. In the end, it was Ross who earned his second HOH, wow, that was because Mark was such a gentleman and gave victory to Ross who played on his heartstrings. Ross nominated Omarosa and Ariadna with Lady O as the target. Mark is in the perfect position because everyone wants to take him to the end as he hasn’t really annoyed anyone on the jury.

The final POV competition was one for the ages, where the celebs were forced to compete in a gossip themed challenge that required memory and athleticism. When Ross won the POV, it seemed to solidify Omarosa’s fate, but would Mark make a move to send Ari packing and giving himself a better chance at the final two? It’s a smart move because I don’t think ANYONE would beat Ari in the end, not even Ross, and I’ll share why? Ross has played hard, but his gameplay has been so messy that earning the votes of the entire jury might be difficult considering he betrayed Shannon, Brandi and James in such a devious way. I mean this isn’t a sequestered jury; they get to go back and watch the episodes and see what was other houseguests have said about them. Honesty is the best policy in a game of this magnitude because nothing is been kept under wraps.

Ross is really working the house, and promised both Mark and Ari to go to the final two with them. Hmm, that may not work to his advantage because of a bitter jury. The first eviction of the night sent Omarosa packing 2-0, but Lady O gave a thunderous plea not to the houseguests, but to America. It was exciting to say the least. This was the exit interview, I’ve BEEN WAITING for, and Omarosa was well composed. However, when Julie asked that question about America’s current state of mind, she delivered a unified response, that was not as authentic in my opinion.

Julie revealed to viewers that unlike previous seasons of BB, this one would have a final HOH during the final 4, where the sole HOH will immediately send 2 celebrities packing. As a result they would choose the person sitting next to them. Gotta say that is very interesting and should be something that could be implemented in regular BB. This last competition was one for the ages, where it was all about answering questions about previously evicted HG and social media. Jesus, this is a nail-bitter again, as we have a three-way tie between Mark, Ross and Marissa, where it all came down to seconds once again to determine our winner. In the end, it was Marissa who became the final HOH. Hmm, looks like Ross and Marissa will be sitting next to each other people?

Mark, Ari and Ross pleaded their cases to Marissa, who decided to send Mark and Ari packing. Honestly, I think that is a stupid move, she should have taken Mark. Oh, this is so good; we’re going back to classic BB where the jury actually gets to grill the finalists unlike those stupid consensus questions of the past.

So the jury reunites, and when it’s revealed that Marissa and Ross where the final two, let’s just say a few celebs were NOT that happy. Ross and Marissa looked terrified, and Brandi kicked off the jury questioning by asking how they played the game. James then asked the question about staying true to their words, but Ross kept using the word ‘pivot’ instead of just saying he lied. OMG, both of them are TERRIBLE when it comes to jury interrogation. Again, Marissa talked so much, that Julie Chen had to cut her off. Omarosa asked a major question about the biggest lie Marissa and Ross told in the game, and once deflected to the jury. Gosh, that is his biggest problem: OWN YOUR GAME ROSS! Marissa acknowledging her loyalty to Ross, might actually earn her the win.

So at last the jurors placed their keys into the box, and Julie ensured that Metta was clear to put the key into the box for the person you want to WIN into the voting box. Wow, this jury was even talking about confirming votes and determining who to vote for. Man, this is giving me vibes of BB19 all over again. I swear Metta World Peace is hilarious and one hell of a character. Brandi, Omarosa and James seem like wildcards America, I seriously don’t know how this is going to turn out.

Wow, we got to see Brandi’s goodbye message to James, which I thought was going to be way worse, it was not that bad. Now the time has come, as Julie revealed the votes for the victor of “Celebrity Big Brother” and it was Marissa against Ross by a vote of 6-3. Marissa did annoy me a ton this season, but I am happy to see her claim the prize.

Julie announced that America had been voting all weeks long, and in the end America’s Favorite Houseguest was Ross, so even though he lost the game, he was still loved by America for his gameplay. Interesting that the top 3 vote getters were Shannon, James and Ross, as I wonder what would have happened if Ross won the game? I have to admit this has been the BEST 3 weeks of “Big Brother” that I can recall in years. “Celebrity Big Brother” should become a staple because it was that damn good people!