HOLLYWOOD—Audiences have been treated to some heart-wrenching moments of the AMC hit “The Walking Dead,” but I can’t recall an episode of this magnitude that was this touching and also a must-see. In the mid-season finale audiences were stunned, and I mean stunned to discover that Carl (Chandler Riggs) was bitten by a walker. As a result, we all knew that Carl’s time would soon be up. It is quite hard to fathom that a character that has been a staple on the series was about to exit before someone like Eugene, whose guts I absolutely hate.

While emotional, it’s evident that Carl’s demise will ultimately lead to the fall of Negan and many members in his army. The episode, ‘Honor’ opened with those same bloodshot eyes of Rick as he was staring into the sky. Not sure if this is a flash-forward or a premonition because Rick was nicely trimmed, Judith was playing. However, the audience then sees Rick and Michonne burying something, before we go back to that scene where we first discover Carl attacked by that walker while rescuing Sadiq; it was that scene when he chose to rescue that outsider that Rick warned his son about that would seal his fate.

From a tower, Morgan found himself being targeted by gunfire, as the Saviors found a way out of the Sanctuary by utilizing the walkers bodies as protection. Morgan utilizes the sounds of a metal gate to implement a sneak attack on Negan and his army. Ok, this is interesting because it looks like Morgan is going to be key to helping Rick and the others mount that vengeance against Negan. It was beyond somber in the sewers, as Rick, Michonne and the others attempted to process Carl’s dire situation. It was gut-wrenching to watch Carl share his tale, just as Ezekiel was facing a harsh fate. Morgan and Carol realigned, as they discussed a plan to attack the Saviors.

Michonne and Rick were not aware that Sadiq, the resident doctor who was hoping to prevent Carl from enduring further pain was responsible for Carl’s fateful bite. Michonne wanted to do everything in her power to rescue Carl, but Rick was adamant that she take Judith so that he could spend his final moments with his son. If there was ever a time to give a cast member on “The Walking Dead” an Emmy, now is the time to pencil in both Andrew Lincoln and Chandler Riggs. His heartfelt goodbye to Judith left me in tears; that is what you call top-notch acting people.

Carole and Ezekiel proved to be forces to reckon with taking out a vast majority of Negan’s minions, however, Morgan did his best to get that shot at Gavin, but he escaped. However, Morgan tracked him down and was out for blood. Yeah, the Morgan that used to be docile and all about justice has turned a new leaf and the guy has taken on a bit more of Rick’s personality than I ever expected.

Ezekiel and even Carol begged Morgan to allow Gavin to live, which I found disheartening, but a tortured Morgan, wasn’t even forced to take him out. It was Henry, one from The Kingdom who committed the deed. Wow, that came right out of left field for me America. Well, we got that confirmation, all that imagery that we’ve been teased for most of the season was inside Rick’s psyche; it was what he hoped for himself, and everyone else.

During his final moments, Michonne and Rick dragged Carl to a safe spot outside of Alexandria as he shared a tale of shooting a kid. It felt like the writers were doing their absolute best to torture the viewer with this slowly drawn out death of Carl. I mean we’ve seen this kid literally grow up on the series, and to see him die was beyond heartbreaking. I mean Glenn and Abraham’s deaths were torture, but this was gut-wrenching, brutal and just ripping the heart out and tearing it apart. Rick was ready to take his son’s life, but Carl refused. I have to say if I was in that same predicament, I don’t think I could do such a thing.

Thank you! The audience didn’t have to actually see Carl’s death, Michonne and Rick left the church, while Carl ended his life. Moments later Rick and Michonne buried Carl’s body. Things ended with Rick sitting by a tree pondering his next move. We all know that Carl’s demise, changes everything for the rest of this series. So I will pencil it in right now that Negan is likely to meet his fate at the end of season eight. However, this is what makes “The Walking Dead” so great, at any point, any character can die, and this keeps fans on their toes. The moment we had all been dreading has transpired, so things can only brighten up from this point forward. Until next Sunday “Walking Dead” die-hards!