HOLLYWOOD—To say that it has been a wild week on the ABC soap “General Hospital” would be an understatement, it has been a glorious 2 weeks if I’m being honest. First, the fallout from the big reveal of Peter August was amazing. Liesl Obrecht entered with that video revealing that Alex not Anna was Peter’s mother. It was a gut punch he never expected, follow-up by Anna pleading her case to Peter, while Obrecht attempted to convince the patrons of Peter’s guilt.

That didn’t do a thing because Maxie was still ready to marry Peter, until Valentin exposed all of Peter’s lies and put everything on the table that left the entire room for a loop (Sam, Dante, Robert, Britt, Liesl, Peter, Maxie and Mac). Peter denied it all as he lashed out, as Maxie was in disbelief and rushed to the hospital. After constant pleading from Spinelli, Britt, Anna and Sam, Maxie realized the truth; Peter was not the man she thought he was and refused to run away with him.

However, that only made matters worse? Why? Peter found himself kidnapped by Franco, who managed to get a taped confession of all his dirty deeds. With that said Franco let his guard down, Peter got that gun and fired a shot killing the reformed sociopath. Yes that is right: Franco Baldwin is dead! Elizabeth was heartbroken and the acting by Rebecca Herbst was top-notch America. Jason discovered his frenemies body, which Elizabeth witnessed as well and the finger was pointed in his direction. So Elizabeth and a ton of others suspect Jason is guilty, but he has shared with ONLY 1 person who he thinks is responsible: Carly. That’s right Carly knows that Peter August may have killed Franco, now it’s a matter of gathering the evidence to prove it before Jason finds himself in a jail cell.

Peter has embraced his villainy, so much to the point he issued threats to Valentin and Anna, and Jason got a front row seat. Peter is not scared of many people, but if there is anyone he is scared of its, Jason Morgan and he has reason to be. He also coyly issued a threat to Maxie to not attempt to keep his daughter from him, which Maxie pegged and it only solidified in her mind that Peter is indeed dangerous.

Yeah, that’s not the all drama people, as Michael decided to ban Nina from seeing Wiley after she revealed that Willow is not his real mother. Well it’s true people, but Carly got what she wanted for now, but I sense she is going to regret that real soon. Why? Nina is on the cusp of discovering that Sonny is very much alive and I can imagine she will keep that information to herself as a dagger to Carly. This will be an interesting storyline to follow America.

There is other chaos to discuss, like the big secret involving Finn and Jackie FINALLY coming to light. Jackie and Finn were discussing their tryst when unbeknownst to them Gregory heard it and confronted the two and learned about their one night stand and the fact that Chase might be Finn’s son not his brother. That propelled a confrontation between Jackie, Finn, Chase and Gregory where the dirty truth was unveiled. The paternity results are in and Finn is Chase’s father! Total game changer people.

In other madness, Valentin is a busy guy, when not exposing Peter’s secrets; he was a listening ear for Nina as they reminisced about their past misdeeds. As a sign of a good gesture, he offered control of ELQ to Michael in exchange for him allowing Nina to see her grandson, Wiley. Bold move, but Michael did not bite, not just yet anyway. With that said, Valentin received another shock when Brooke Lynn returned to the canvas and very pregnant people. Yeah, to say he was speechless was an understatement people. We all know that Valentin is the father.

Valentin was busy helping Alexis grapple with rather she should plead guilty and head to prison or if rehab might be another option for them. Peter might be the town pariah at the moment, but he might have an ally in Cyrus Renault of all people. Two villains aligning this cannot be good, not to mention the fact that Brando’s annoying mother, Gladys is back in town, and the relationship between Sasha and Brando is brewing. Sounds like Sasha might be getting over Michael.

There was also a ghost of the past that returned this week in Zander Smith who appeared to help Cameron deal with his emotions and anger in the midst of Franco’s demise. Joss and Trina wanted to stand by their pals’ side during his time of grief. It looks like Cameron is about to embrace his dark side on “General Hospital” and I sense fans should be worried.