HOLLYWOOD—I am glad we are chatting about the NBC soap “Days of Our Lives” because a lot has transpired in the past week and we need to chat. First and foremost, rejoice, Ciara Brady has been discovered by Claire, Shawn and Ben. Yes, Evan was hell-bent on his master plan to kill Ben and devastate Ciara once and for all. However, Ben’s nefarious father, Clyde is proving that he actually cares about his son’s wellbeing, by delivering vital Intel that helped Ben and company locate Ciara before actual death struck her. Why?

A gas leak, an explosion and gunfire all manifested in the process of this epic rescue, with a twist I did NOT see coming? Ciara is suffering from memory loss people, yes, she has amnesia and is afraid of her hubby, Ben Weston, she cannot recall the last 3 years of her life! Ben finally gets the woman of his dreams back, but once again they are facing a major hurdle America. Ciara is afraid of Ben and thinks Claire and Tripp are still together, yeah, this should be fun people.

I said this before and I will say it again Brady and Chloe are a great item and the writing on the series seems to be fully embracing that now. Brady and Chloe are getting closer and closer with all the time they spend together. Brady misses Kristen, but I wonder what he would think if he discovered that Kirsten was up to no good swapping places with Susan, who is in the slammer, while she parades around town as her doppelganger.

Chloe was on the cusp of revealing to Brady her true feelings, but was stopped in her tracks, and Kristen’s concerns were indeed confirmed, which meant it was time to take action. How so? Sarah, who was on the cusp of preparing for her wedding day, stumbled upon Kristen and wanted to warn Brady against Kristen’s warnings. I mean Kristen has a great point, how could Sarah forgive the guy who stole her baby and made her think her child was dead? “Days of Our Lives” is reminding me greatly of “The Bold and the Beautiful” and the writer’s sloppiness in wanting characters who commit bad deeds not having to pay for them.

Kristen knocked Sarah unconscious and is holding her hostage, as she masquerades as Sarah to deliver a dagger to Sarah, one that is going to hurt America. How so? She is making the moves on Rex, yes, that Rex who has returned to Salem and learned all about Xander getting married to his former fiancé. Yeah, Rex was not happy so imagine his thought process when he found his former flame kissing him and ready to make a bold move. Poor Xander, you do indeed reap what you sew and when it comes to Kristen DiMera that is a woman you DO NOT WANT TO CROSS! Keep an eye on this story because it is likely to produce plenty of fireworks in the coming weeks.

There is also a new face in Salem, Paulina Price, Lani’s aunt who is portrayed by “227” alum Jackee Harry. Yes that Jackee people and to be honest this character is a berth of life and exuberant energy people. What I love about Paulina Price is that she is NOT PC compliant and says whatever she wants to say on our mind. That is refreshing in a character, even though her antics are starting to get on the nerves or Eli, she has made a potential foe in Kate Roberts and she is getting closer to Lani’s dad, Abe. Rumor has it Paulina’s daughter Chanel, is soon to arrive in Salem and that will be another addition to the Price clan, as the christening of the twins is upon us and Paulina has heralded herself as the godmother, unknowing that that Julie was the intended person by Lani and Eli.

We must also talk about Sami still be suspect #1 in the murder of Charlie Dale, but that all changed this week as other suspects began to come into the mix. We learned that the gun used to murder Charlie belonged to the one and only KATE ROBERTS! Oh, that means, Lucas, Allie and Kate are looking like guilty parties to say the least. Belle was not happy her sister was keeping secrets, as she attempted to help big sis out of a major jam. Sami shot Charlie, but that was after he was already dead. She seems to think her daughter, Allie is the culprit, as does Claire and Nicole.

We could chat about the Abigail and Gwen war, but as soon as it was about to get interested it was over with a snap of a finger. I mean Gabi and Abigail teaming up to kidnap Gwen and store her in the DiMera tunnels, only for her to be discovered by Anna of all people. Gwen was not happy as Abigail wanted her to confess to murder her grandmother. Abigail wants her revenge and if we’re being honest, she deserves it people.