AMERICA! – I have to admit that like so many other people I was ready to throw stones at rapper-dancer Chris Brown for his rude and continual public display of absolute acts of public gangsterism and disregard for other human beings. I was forced to remember many youngsters of the pass that caused a lot of headaches and disgust on a personal and professional level.

Weld, Errol Flynn and Roscoe ‘Fatty’ Arbuckle.  They all stem from different times, but exercised very little control and discipline privately or when in the public view.  In other words they were delightful fodder for the gossip columns including my own.  I had to remember where many of these gifted people came from.  In most cases they really came from very little other than parents who believed in them.

Remembering this kind of industry history of young dreamers, I have better learn very quickly to keep his hands off of women in a physical sense.  Not only that, he should invest some time in an anger management class which might help him realize that there are rules even for so-called stars in the “rap” world.  And he must abide by the same rules as every one else. 

When I heard that the 24 year-old entertainer was kicked out of rehab for refusing to obey the rules of the house, I knew that he is on his way to nowhere except, possibly, back to the streets where violence and trickery is acceptable.

Brown had better learn quickly that no one is so important or great that they can counter the human respect and dignity of others around them.  The real stars that are remembered years after them had something to offer that was genuine, so much so, people felt compelled to support them no matter what their circumstances they were forced to handle. Chris’ challenge will be his ability to face himself in the mirror without cringing. Without a doubt, that will be his greatest challenge.