BEVERLY HILLS – A liaison meeting with two appointed Traffic and Parking commissioners and two Beverly Hills City Council members was held on Thursday, May 15 to address concerns of traffic safety for the Trousdale area in the city. According to a press release from the city of Beverly Hills, the meeting involved discussions on controlling the flow of large construction vehicles in the area through the building permit process, installing permanent signage and road markings and enforcing guidelines.


“We cannot have a situation in Beverly Hills where any of our streets are unsafe,” said Vice Mayor Julian Gold, who chaired the committee meeting. “We will do whatever it takes, however long it takes, to put in place all reasonable safety measures before we allow these big trucks back on our streets.”


Residents voiced their concerns addressing the abundant amount of construction, speeding, unsafe drivers and enforcement in the area.


“Safety is our number one priority,” said Mayor Lili Bosse, “It is urgent that we take all the necessary steps to make our streets safe for our residents, visitors and construction workers. These accidents are a tragedy and it is up to us to ensure that something like this will not happen again. I look forward to Tuesday’s discussion when we can fully examine all of these recommendations and move forward quickly with these changes.”


The entire City Council heard recommendations from the committee on Tuesday, May 20 at the Study Session at 1:30 p.m. During the meeting, the Council directed staff to develop a safety plan that would decrease the risk of serious construction vehicle accidents on the steep streets of the Trousdale neighborhood. The suspension of heavy hauling applies to all vehicles that have three or more axles or exceed 26,000 pounds in gross weight.


“We want our Trousdale residents to work with staff and our consultant to ensure that proposed solutions will allow them to feel that they safe on our streets,” said Mayor Lili Bosse. “We will have a zero tolerance going forward and we will come up with long-term solutions that keep all motorists safe and meet the needs of our residents.”


On May 7, a traffic study was commissioned by the city from one of the leading transportation engineering firms in California, Fehr & Peers. Recommendations for safety improvements are expected by the firm’s recognized expert by the end of May.  Their scope of work includes:


  • Evaluating accident data
  • Conducting field review of traffic flow and parking patterns
  • Evaluating safety improvement options
  • Evaluate and recommend alternative heavy-haul routes


The city has implemented safety recommendations that include restricting the size of trucks in the area to two axles and 26,000 pounds or less, fully loaded, and that all deliveries requiring larger vehicles follow a detailed hauling plan for each construction site that includes:


  • A comprehensive construction and hauling schedule
  • Predefined hauling route
  • Hauling permit renewed every 30 days
  • Proof of daily vehicle inspection form
  • 90-day CHP truck certification
  • Enforcement by commercial vehicle experts


Additional safety measures include permanent speed indicator signs, increased California Highway Patrol assistance on sections and road stripping. Some considerations also include specialized braking systems on large trucks with deliveries or pickups in the City, as well as installing security cameras in the region.  


The death of a second LAPD officer on Loma Vista Drive, Officer Ernst Allen on May 9, prompted the suspension of heavy vehicle delivery and pick up in the Trousdale area until more safety measures are implemented. Back in March, LAPD Officer Nicholas Lee was killed during a traffic collision in the region.


The suspension is expected to remain in effect until the City Council receives and approves the consultant’s recommendations. Traffic control officers and signage will be implemented at all four Trousdale area entrances. The Traffic and Parking Liaison Committee will meet on June 17 at 9 a.m. to consider the City’s traffic consultant recommendations.