BEVERLY HILLS—The recent California wildfires has prompted the city of Beverly Hills to provide information to residents to prepare them for an evacuation in emergency situations. The “Get Ready, Get Set, Go” slogan provides vital information to residents to help them escape if an emergency arises or a fire approaches. The

Get Ready!

Prepare your home and family before fire season kicks off.

For your Home

-Remove brush and debris at least 100 feet from your home. Remove tree limbs hanging over your house

-Clear your roof and gutters of dry plant material.

-Plant fire-resistant shrubbery and make sure it is clear of debris and does not touch the house.

-Replace shake-shingle roofs with tile or other fire-resistant materials.

For your Family

-Keep at least a half tank of gas in your car.

-Assemble emergency supplies and prepare a list of the things you want to take with you if you need to evacuate. Learn how to assemble an emergency supply kit at

-Be sure you are signed up to receive emergency notification from the city of Beverly Hills. Community members are encouraged to sign up for notifications by going to  and by texting BEVHILLS or BEVHILLSPD to 888-777.

-How to sign up for emergency Notifications

-Make a list of all the valuables or mementos you want to take with you.

-Plan your evacuation routes. There may be designated routes for how to evacuate in the event of tsunami or road closures.

-Designate an out-of-town family member or friend who everyone knows to contact and keep him/her informed of your plans and whereabouts.

-Keep all-important documents in a fireproof container.

Get Set! If a wildfire is reported in your area, prepare to evacuate. 

-Park your car facing the street.

-Roll up the windows, and load your vehicle with everything you want to take with you including emergency supplies, valuables and mementos.

-Remove flammable materials around your house, including outdoor furniture, firewood and decorations

-Monitor the news and your City’s messaging for updated information about the fire.

-Identify places you could go in an emergency such as a friend’s home in another town or a motel. Choose destinations in different directions so that you have options during an emergency.

-If needed, identify a place to stay that will accept pets. Most public shelters allow only service animals.


-Do not wait for an evacuation order. If you see a fire approaching your home, leave immediately! If your car is packed with everything you need, and you have prepared your property, you have done everything you can to protect your home.

-Follow the instructions of local officials and remember that your evacuation route may be on foot depending on the type of disaster.

As a Last Resort:

For residents, who do NOT have time to do Get Ready or Get Set. Here is a list of essential items you should grab in just a few minutes.

-Health-related items, including medications, dentures, eyeglasses and hearing aid batteries

-Cell phones and chargers


-Change of clothes




-Car and house keys


-Identification, including passports, drivers licenses etc.

The city of Beverly Hills has pre-established shelter sites at various locations throughout the city in the event of a large-scale evacuation. They have stored supplies (such as cots, blankets, water, diapers, wheelchairs, etc.) around the region. Emergency containers are kept at all of the schools, parks, and many city facilities to ensure accessibility and equal distribution of supplies in an emergency. Beverly Hills will work with the American Red Cross, to open safe and certified shelters, which are all ADA compliant.