BEVERLY HILLS—On Saturday, December 18, at 11:43 p.m., the Beverly Hills Police Department responded to a call from a resident who found flyers containing hate speech. When officers surveyed the region, they discovered that flyers distributed throughout the southwest side were appear similar to those used in a previous incident that occurred on November 28.

During the November 28 incident, after 6 a.m., authorities received a call from a resident who reported receiving a flyer containing hate speech on their front yard.

Police surveyed the area and discovered that the flyers, enclosed in plastic bags containing rice (for weight), were distributed to homes in several blocks in the northeast area of the region.

The flyer, a single 8.5” x 11” sheet of paper, contains propaganda style hate speech related to the COVID pandemic and the Jewish people. Over 200 flyers have been collected from the neighborhood.

The Beverly Hills City Council is reminding the public that anyone who commits acts of hatred toward members of the community and any divisive attempts of intimidation will be rejected outright.

“As a City that is made up of a diverse population and being one of the only Jewish-majority cities outside of Israel, the City condemns this unwarranted hate speech that has been unsuccessfully used to disparage a community that has, and always will, stand strong together and fight hatred of any kind,” the city of Beverly Hills states in a press release.

The city reiterates the community is home to families who are survivors of the Holocaust.

The Beverly Hills Police Department is thoroughly investigating and will be providing additional patrols along with private security throughout the area to ensure a safe holiday season.

The public is asked to report any suspicious activity by calling 9-1-1 or the non-emergency dispatch number, 310-550-4951.