MALIBU—A missing girl who is a friend of actor Charlie Sheen’s daughter was located and found after being reported missing on Thursday, November 10, at 2 p.m.

Claudia Frans Rubin, 15, was found dehydrated, confused and drugged according to Cece Woods who is a radio producer at TNT radio and an investigative journalist. 

After Rubin was discovered, she was transported to Little Company of Mary via ambulance.  

According to family members, Claudia’s phone was found with a 28-year-old whom she met on SnapChat. She was not discovered at the same location her phone was left. Claudia was discovered in Torrance by a resident who notified the authorities. Family members deemed the 28-year-old a predator, but details surrounding that has not been confirmed. 

Her mother, Feilani Rubin wrote on Facebook that the alleged predator drove from the South Bay Torrance area and picked up her daughter in their neighborhood near Malibu’s notable restaurant Neptune’s Net. 

Anyone with details that may aid the investigation into Claudia’s disappearance is asked to contact detectives at 805-388-5157 or her family at 310-810-5988.