UNITED STATES—Well, it’s amazing to finally see that Americans are opening their minds to the fact that climate change is a big issue. For so many years, people have dismissed the claim that the Earth’s atmosphere is slowly being destroyed by greenhouse gases that are being emitted throughout the planet.

What is one of the biggest proponents of destroying air quality and affecting the temperature of the planet? Its cars! Yes, we are spending way too much time behind the wheel and the vehicle is emitting tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere destroying the quality of life, but also further implementing the greenhouse effect.

Now this is not an easy thing to explain, so I’ll deliver the easiest answer possible. If we don’t get a handle on the greenhouse effect global warming will be in full-force, where one of two things will happen. Either the planet will become so hot, it’s impossible for us to live on it or the planet will become so cold it will be impossible to live on. Either way, Americans are doomed.

We are slowly getting glimpses of the drastic changes in weather. The year 2014 proved to be a polar vortex for some regions of the country, while the summer was not as excessively hot as it has been in the past. When dramatic shifts take aim in the weather world that is a surefire sign that things are happening beyond our control.

What so many people fail to realize is that the seven continents that comprise of Earth were once all aligned together. Plate tectonics was the reason the continents broke apart thanks to shakes in the ocean floor causing the continents to move apart.

If the issue of global warming continues it will have a dramatic effect on the oceans affecting the movement of water which is not good for the planet. In addition, we don’t want to move to an era where the polar ice caps are melting and falling into the oceans that can rise above sea level leading to gargantuan levels of flooding that could wipe states and some countries off the map.

Many celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio and countless politicians are advocates for protecting the planet from further mishaps that are irreversible. That is the key word climate change is irreversible once it’s in effect. That is the sad thing about America, most of us could care less about what is happening to the planet. We just go on living our lives as if nothing happened to begin with.

For those who have seen those disaster movies like “The Day After Tomorrow” and “2012,” while things might be fictionalized to a degree the threat of the Earth’s climate have a dramatic change is very real. Open your eyes and see the things that we can do to help decrease harmful effects to the planet because once global warming is in full effect, I fear we are all in major trouble.