WOODLAND HILLS—Residents in a Woodland Hills have witnessed witnessing coyotes roaming their neighborhood in search of food and shelter. 

Some residents believe many of the coyotes have traveled into the region because of recent wildfires that burned down their home. 

There has been a major concern about these coyotes after a resident found a mother coyote dead in her backyard, and several coyote pups have been roaming the neighborhood without a mother. Video shows several small coyote pups in the driveway of one home with kids toys littered on the premises.

Animal control informed residents they believe the coyote was poisoned. They found another coyote dead with an arrow in its back.

The neighborhood website NextDoor.com have reported neighbors taking matters into their own hands and posted a warning alerting residents about coyotes in the neighborhood. The post received negative comments about poisoning and shooting animals. The neighborhood is working to figure out a way to deal with the coyotes in a safe matter.