WOODLAND HILLS—A coyote was euthanized by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife after attacking a 2 year old child in Woodland Hills earlier this month. 

On Friday, December 9, CDFW officials tracked and captured the coyote. It was found in the area where the original attack transpired. Through DNA testing they were able to determine that it was the same coyote that attacked the child. 

The attack was caught on camera. The 2 year old stood in her family’s front yard and waited as her family unloaded their SUV. While her parents were distracted the coyote came up to her and dragged her along the lawn. Her father managed to scare the creature away as it released his daughter. The 2 year old suffered from deep scratches and cuts from the attack and was taken to a hospital.  

According to reports that same coyote has been problematic for the community. In Los Angeles County, there have been at least seven recorded coyote attacks on people this year.

Canyon News contacted CDFW for more information but did not hear back before print.