BEVERLY HILLS—The Beverly Hills Police Department is starting to crackdown on vehicles that fail to stop for school buses that are loading and unloading students. According to a press release Canyon News received from Lt. Elisabeth Albanese, Public Information Officer for the BHPD, the Department initiated a targeted enforcement operation in the area of Sunset Boulevard and Beverly Drive on September 27. The operation was conducted by BHPD Motor Officers to address the issue of motorists failing to stop for school buses that were loading students.

The California Vehicle Code requires that the driver of any vehicle, upon meeting or overtaking, from either direction, any school bus equipped with signs, that is stopped for the purpose of loading or unloading any schoolchildren and displays a flashing red light signal and stop signal arm, visible from front or rear, is expected to bring the vehicle to a stop immediately before passing the school bus and shall not proceed past the school bus until the flashing red light signal and stop signal arm cease operation. For more information, refer to § 22454(a) of the California Vehicle Code.

While conducting the operation, officers stopped and cited nine motorists, arrested one unlicensed driver and impounded one vehicle. The aim of this targeted enforcement is to ensure the safety of schoolchildren as they load and unload from school buses.

For those with questions regarding the program or any other traffic safety issue, contact Sergeant Gregg Mader at (310) 285-2140.