UNITED STATES—To be honest, I do not believe I have a hustler mentality, but people have told me if there is something I want or need I will find a way to make it happen, legally speaking people. I’m not willing to commit a crime to get something that I want.

However, I think every American has a hustler’s mentality or mindset. You have a side hustle or creative niche that allows you to make money if you need to make more than what your day job is bringing to the table. I once had an aunt say something to me when I was a bit younger that has resonated with me for years. A JOB stands for (Just On Bills). It struck me like a ton of bricks people, that I should have a job solely for my bills and then a side job or gig for anything extra that I want and to stack money.

So you might be asking how I hustle. Well I actually have 2 ways, one more consistent than the other. I sometimes sell old clothing to a consignment shop where they pay me cash for gently used clothing. In the past month, I easily made over $400 if not more on clothing that I got rid of. Did it upset me to get rid of those clothes? No because I barely wore them, hell I didn’t even realize I had all those clothes in my closet. If I’m not wearing them, why not ensure the items go to someone else who could wear them and actually utilize them in the process.

That extra money helped me pay bills, purchase groceries and obtain household essentials and I didn’t have to take money from my day job to purchase those items. I now had extra money that could be used to build up my savings account and then some. That is one of my hustles, the other is one that might be a bit time consuming, but it also brings me free money in the form of gift cards. I complete surveys and as a result I earn currency that I am able to utilize at some of my favorite retailers to purchase goods or services. I mean Uber gift cards that can be used for transportation or meals, retailers like Macys and Kohl’s to purchase clothing and household essentials, Target for just about anything you can think of, hell, there are even gift cards that can be used at some supermarkets!

Yeah that means food and groceries and I don’t have to spend my personal money, sign me up ASAP America. The only issue is that some of the surveys can be time consuming, some not so much, but I look at it this way: if I can do $20 to $25 in surveys each day, in 3 days I can redeem a gift card or two. In a single week, I can amount enough in currency to purchase several gift cards to use on things that I want and I don’t have to use my own money in the process. The great thing about gift cards are the fact they don’t have an expiration date people.

What I’m saying America is find that other thing or two that you’re good at and use it as a building block to earn more money. Don’t just be satisfied with one revenue source, aim on bringing in as many revenue streams as you possibly can because the benefits are so worth it in the long run people.

Written By Jason Jones