LOS FELIZ—”Criminal Minds” star A.J. Cook is seeking $1.6 million from David Guillod, her former manager, in a lawsuit that was filed on February 11 for not disclosing that he is a sexual predator.

Cook claims that Guillod’s past threatens her reputation and image as an advocate for women, and is asking that he repay commission earned from her and other actresses, including Paula Patton, Kristin Chenoweth, and Gina Rodriguez. The lawsuit includes several previous allegations against Guillod, and also accuses him of overcharging Cook for his services by scheming with her former lawyer. 

A spokesman for Guillod told The Wrap:

“This frivolous lawsuit is a reaction to two lawsuits filed against A.J. Cook and her attempt to distract from her own financial liability,” the rep told the Wrap. “Mr. Guillod has represented Cook for over 20 years and together made her a household name. She has now elected in her own greed and self servicing manner to piggyback on a very important movement in an effort to circumvent her paying commissions owed. As Ms. Cook has no claims against Mr. Guillod she has elected to revisit unfounded claims made against him. No criminal or civil charges have ever been brought against Guillod.” 

Guillod’s attorney, Michael Saltz is depending on victims to testify against the accusations from Cook. Guillod denies any wrongdoings since the first reports against him, which were four sexual assault accusations in November 2017. Cook’s attorney argues that failing to disclose the victims testifying against Cook is illegal and inexcusable. 

Cook was sued by Primary Wave Entertainment in October 2018 for her failure to pay $333,000 worth of commissions. Her current case is a countersuit to the lawsuit from PWE. Cook left Primary Wave Entertainment after the accusations against Guillod were made public in November 2017. She parted ways with the company on November 9, 2017. Other actresses who also parted ways included Patton, Rodriguez and Chenoweth.

Accusations against Guillod include sexual assault and rape that transpired between 2002 to 2017 including: 

  • November 2, 2017: Jessica Barth accused Guillod of sexually assaulting her in 2012. He texted her on November 4 saying, “Thinking of you. Hang in there.” Later that day, Guillod resigned from his position as CEO of Primary Wave.
  • November 10, 2017: Another story was released that Guillod raped a former assistant while on retreat in 2014. He also sexually assaulted two other women in 2015, at his home in Los Feliz.
  • An unnamed famous child actor claimed Guillod made sexual comments to her when she was 15 and he worked in Handprint Entertainment. Guillod exited the company in 2002.
  • Guillod poked his penis through a script while at United Talent Agency and exposed himself to a female client. He left UTA in 2009.
  • Guillod is accused of sexually harassing women at Handprint, UTA, Paradigm Talent Agency, and Intellectual Artists Management.

Intellectual Artists Management is Guillod’s company and became part of PWE during a 2015 merger. Primary Wave Entertainment and Guillod are listed as the defendants in Cook’s countersuit.

In PWE’s company statement, they claim to be committed to their core values of respect and inclusion that they’ve stood by for 13 years. They have a zero-tolerance policy towards abuse or harassment. PWE announced that upon hearing about the allegations against Guillod, they parted ways with him and have no business with him.

Guillod’s case is currently under review by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office.