BEVERLY HILLS—There is an organization called CurePSP and before you open your bank account to them, I’d like to share with you a little something. They are claiming to unlock the secret of brain disease. Their website is set up for collecting funds, but the truth is… they are not looking for a cure. They are looking for money to maintain the platform to pretend they are searching for one yet they don’t even pursue information right under their nose, in fact… they insult it.

My Story.

My father was diagnosed with PSP.

PSP is short for Progressive Supranuclear Palsy; it’s a form of Parkinson’s. PSP is a brain disease which looks very much like Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS). It is the world’s most evil disease. It robs you of everything except your brain, so you can have a clear mind to painfully witness every detail of losing your life as you knew it. It robs your loved ones of the good memories and somehow replaces the good memories with painful, unthinkable incidents while you feel helpless watching your loved one nearing death.

My family has absolutely no history of PSP or any type of brain disease in generations of my healthy long-living ancestors. In fact all my grandparents and their parents and their grandparents all lived past the age of 88, all with high cholesterol.

Dr. Sean Shigeo McCarthy’s loyalty for pushing pharmaceutical drugs was more important than my father’s life.

It was my father who didn’t get that far. Why? Because he chose the “American Way” and signed up for Kaiser Insurance and got a physical exam to “prolong” his life. That doctor, Dr. Sean Shigeo McCarthy, who like so many others try to earn extra brownie points (aka vacations, gold watches, lunches, etc.) from the pharmaceutical companies, pushed Lovastatin on my father.

My father trusted the doctor and followed his advice. Even though he had side effects within hours of his first dose. The doctor insisted it wasn’t statin-related and used every sales gimmick he could (such as “if you don’t take statins you will have a stroke or a heart attack,” or “don’t believe the bad reviews you read on the internet”) to keep my father on it for 2 consecutive years and into a complete disability. I saw what was happening from day 1 to day 730, but my father chose to believe the doctors over his young naïve daughter. Finally, Kaiser admitted his symptoms were statin-related… two years and loads of brain damage later.

Our Death Sentence.

Then onto neurologists who diagnosed those exact same symptoms as PSP. We were told straight out that my father had PSP and will die within five years. The doctor told me “there is NO CURE and death is certain.”

Before that initial and fateful physical exam, my father was healthy, strong, never went to a doctor except emergency runs, you know those crazy days when he cut his finger on the lawnmower picking up a dog toy or getting run over by his friend on the golf course, all of which seem so uneventful now.

My father was my training partner for marathons. He was also my biking, tennis and gym partner. He golfed at least 2-3 times a week. Healthy, strong and young, in fact most people thought we were a couple because he looked and acted my age.

My Search for a Cure.

Unwilling to give up on my father, I went online to find any wee ounce of hope, stumbling across the organization called CurePSP. According to their website, their vision is “A world free of neurodegenerative disease” and their mission is “Awareness, education and a cure for devastating prime of life neurodegenerative diseases.” In fact, they receive more than $2.5 million per year in revenue to operate a website that basically collects money. Then some of this money goes to fund research (which of course is code-word for Pharmaceutical play).

I soon discovered they simply wanted our money. I asked, “But are you close to a cure?”

“Oh well, not for at least 5, 10, 15 years, but rest assured they are hard at work!”

Even though we were ready to donate every last penny of our estate to help find a cure, after doing some math…. It wasn’t very promising:

5 – 2.25 = 2.75

-5 years (from date of symptoms) minus 2 years and 3 months (the day he started statins)


-2 years and 9 months!

Therefore, I am not banking on CurePSP to find a cure by the end of my time limit.

Ralda James Was My Answer… So I thought!

I continued my search finding an article about Ralda James, a lady from Australia, who reversed her daughter’s brain damage through nutrition. (Woman’s Day, Australian Edition November 13, 2006). This truly gave me the hope and motivation I needed.

After an intense search to find her… I contacted her with the “I am a journalist with a newspaper in Beverly Hills and we want to interview you”… I immediately received a positive reply.

The interview went on and on but then we got to… “What was in it?” She refused to share.

Frustrated, at the end of the interview, I confessed and desperately begged and pleaded, “My father has been diagnosed with PSP and I can’t lose him. He’s the last of my family.”

Stone cold, she replied, “I can’t offer you the recipe because I’m working with the government in Australia to investigate this and improve it then will be released.”

Mind you, this article was written more than 11 years ago, and no further details have been released on her success story.

Off To Reinvent the Wheel… without help!

Completely devastated and broken hearted I sat there staring at my notes from the interview… until it occurred to me… if she can do this… so can I!

So I started googling words she used (i.e. full fat dairy instead of skim milk, Myelin Sheath). I reviewed the initial article which the only location to find it at the time was on YouTube, someone at the grocery store videotaping it off the shelf. I hung on every word. I went into full study mode One at a time I would hit useful information.

We discussed and documented everything and it literally felt like throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping it stuck. But then 5-6 weeks in, we started seeing symptoms reverse, such as his blindness, inability to swallow (dysphagia) coughing, unexpected falls, inability to walk and use of the stairmaster again.

Against All Medical Advice, We Found a Cure!

How did I know the improvements were a result of the supplements and not a coincidence? Well, thanks to the greedy tunnel vision doctors who kept convincing my father to stop supplements, we know the reversal of PSP symptoms was directly related to these supplements.

More than once my father decided to stop everything because of a doctor intervening. His health would rapidly decline, we’d end up in ER daily/weekly, until he’d decide to go back on them again. Then we’d see the improvements. So by the time we were on round two and round three, his condition was worse than before at the start and the documenting became more detailed and evolved. I noticed things the next round that I didn’t on the first, like consuming more water is important with high protein intake and so forth.

But Wait… I Found a Cure, Don’t You Care?

Excited by my miraculous findings… I went back to all these organizations including CUREPSP to share and hope for their help but quickly learned the hard cold reality… they just don’t give a damn!

CurePSP had (and still has) NO INTEREST in taking part of this journey!

They have power, doctors, education… AND YOUR DONATED FUNDS. I was simply a young daughter trying to save her best friend, father, hero and the only person left in her family by defeating this evil disease. Why wouldn’t they help me with these life-saving discoveries? After all, their name says they want to CurePSP.

They didn’t care as much as the rat’s bum they poisoned and killed in their research labs. After all, we are run by a country owned and operated by Pharmaceutical Executives who want to protect their trillion dollar scheme. They decide what gets out there, not the truth but fantasy. It has to be medicinal to cure you or it won’t cure you… rubbish!

It didn’t matter though…  because I watched my dad improve, day after day, night after night. I was thrilled and excited. My dad proudly nicknamed me the “mad scientist” and to be completely transparent… his approval was the only bit I needed in anything I ever did including curing PSP in him. However, with a little help I could have gone so far, so fast.

Then They Mocked Me… Not Smart!

So when I opened up my email to find this letter from Lucas Metherall at CUREPSP I choked on my tea. I just couldn’t believe it.

Read the emails from CurePSP here.

They didn’t have the time of day to reach out to me when I had a loving father with a death sentence… they didn’t bother replying when I had some hopeful news and documented progress to report… FOR FREE, now they are reaching out to me in sarcasm because, God forbid the people who actually have PSP find a cure and for free… as, it would put people like Lucas Metherall out of a job.

CurePSP is wanting your money. I want to know why they wouldn’t want to know my findings, my documented improvements, my efforts that I found on curing t

Lucas Metherall, another one of those wolves in sheep’s clothing, pretending to help those of you with PSP.

his ugly disease. Is it possible they are simply motivated by money and power. Robbing from people with the disease, waiting for your loved one to donate their life’s savings when they die of this ugly disease. How many have donated to CurePSP because they lost their battle?


His emails ask if there are any reviews on this. Well get off your lazy bum, Lucas Metherall and do your job and get your organization to take what has been learned and expand, test, research, improve and then provide what you are claiming to want, a CURE for PSP.

So time has passed, I no longer am fighting for my father to overcome PSP. He is in heaven with my mum and I don’t have anyone around me that has this deadly disease and I have nothing to gain or lose by sharing my years of work. I have no interest in writing a book or selling a pill. So, I simply am passing it on as my father would have wanted me to do.

It’s the people out there that have PSP and who are listening to their doctor tell them its time to die. If you want to bet your life on believing that doctor, go right ahead but let me tell you, from one person to the next: they are lying to you! There are cures. They just won’t support it because it doesn’t pad their pockets.

What’s ironic is that the person at CurePSP that wrote the email below is from Australia just like Ralda James, the lady that refused to give me the recipe she found that cured her daughter so very long ago. Is it an Australian thing to hide the cures so people can die a tortuous death? Or is that just a coincidence?

If Ralda James was honest and forthcoming to me it would have reduced my endless sleepless nights of research and helped me develop something more accurate. If CUREPSP joined in, we’d have a cure right now for not just PSP but all brain diseases.  How many people need to re-discover the ground recipe from scratch and not have a polished tested, reviewed, and modernly supported program? Instead I was forced to sit up all night alone by my father’s hospital bed as he was painfully coughing and choking from one of the most horrible aspects of the disease (dysphagia) while researching from scratch to find a cure by breaking apart every word she said as if it was a puzzle to find what she already found, tested and succeeded. How unfair is that?!

LUCKILY I found what helped my dad. This is what I’m going to share no matter who tells me I cant. Maybe one day, someone smarter than me can fix this into a simple cure. Because we are all humans and deserve peer help when in need… and anyone standing in the way, including Ralda James or this Lucas Metherall from Australia should rot in hell. No… better yet, can some doctor put them on statins or better yet, shall they suffer by watching their closest loved one get struck with an ugly incurable disease so they can feel as helpless as I did, while others stand by and think “Tsk Tsk… your loss isn’t my loss”

If you stand in the way of the truth, and prevent someone from knowing there is something that reverses symptoms, you are evil and should be charged with the crime of torture. If you are in the business of CURING PSP, taking money from innocent people, you should be taking what people have learned and examining it with every last penny you have collected to find the TRUTH and the CURE. If you are not, Lucas Metherall, then that is an inexcusable abuse of platform, preying on the desperate vulnerability of people who are suffering the worst possible situation, one of whom was closest to me!

The cure is there… do you want it or not? The truth is, CurePSP doesn’t care about curing it. They care about the money, they don’t care about your life. This is a business for them. People like me who suffered beside someone with this tragic disease needs ONLY the truth whether it profits someone or not. The cure is in the truth!

Before you donate one penny to CurePSP, ask them… why wouldn’t you look into a promising cure if it was in the natural foods we eat? Get an answer, even if it’s a lie… maybe one day their conscience will get the best of them.


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