SANTA MONICA—According to a press release from the city of Santa Monica, City Manager Rick Cole has selected Cynthia Renaud to become the next Police Chief for the Santa Monica Police Department.

Renaud previously served as the Chief of Police for the city of Folsom, California. She fulfilled her duties in the position for seven years, overseeing a decrease in property and violent crime in the area. Prior to her appointment in Folsom, she served the Long Beach Police Department for 20 years.

The primary outcome areas set for the new chief by Cole include: lowering crime, positively impacting homelessness in the city, collaborating well with fellow city departments, and empowering and energizing the police department staff.

The selection process for the new chief centered on hiring a candidate with knowledge of 21st century policing and technological understanding, as well as someone who could foster relationships with both Santa Monica’s residential and business communities.

“The job of Police Chief is all about character and leadership,” said City Manager Rick Cole.

“Chief Renaud is a nationally respected law enforcement leader who spent the first twenty years of her outstanding career in Southern California. She will hit the ground running to address public safety challenges in Santa Monica. The selection process was a rigorous one that resulted in someone who understands and practices 21st Century policing – using technology, data and community partnerships to fight crime and the fear of crime – and build trust that Santa Monica’s Police Department will be fair, equitable, constitutional, humane and effective. In Chief Renaud we are getting a leader who will lead and empower the sworn and civilian staff of SMPD to enhance their reputation as the ‘benchmark of excellence’ for law enforcement in our region.”

Renaud is the third Vice President of the International Association of Chiefs of Police, as well as the President of the Central Sierra Police Chiefs’ Association and has previously been on the United States Attorney for the Eastern District of California’s Law Enforcement Executive committee.

Renaud will be responsible for overseeing 460 staff members and a budget of $86.6 million dollars in her capacity as Police Chief. Her salary will start at $265,440, and her term will begin at the end of April.

“I am so fortunate to be selected as Santa Monica’s next police chief and join in your progressive efforts to embrace community while encouraging a healthy, holistic lifestyle that considers the wellbeing of all,” said Chief Cynthia Renaud.

“I look forward to meeting with, connecting with and hearing from all Santa Monicans about what impacts their daily lives and how the Police Department can be part of the overall city team working to serve their needs. I understand the pressing and vexing challenges facing this wonderful community and I intend to immediately partner with my department, fellow City departments and those we serve to address crime and be a productive part of the stakeholder group fighting to reduce homelessness and find long-term solutions for those in need.”