HOLLYWOOD—Ok, this is starting to feel like a trend with the writers of the NBC soap “Days of Our Lives.” I mean the whole prison break storyline is starting to become a bit tired and stale and I don’t fully understand quite why? I swear this happened last year and then the year before and perhaps the year after that, where for some odd reason the prisons in the town of Salem just are NOT secure. Why? Clyde and Orpheus have busted out behind bars yet again.

This time Orpheus has a mission to rescue his son Christian who tried to commit suicide behind bars. As a result he was transferred to a psychiatric hospital and the cruel fiend wants Dr. Marlena Evans to utilize her power to get his son released. These ongoing shenanigans between Orpheus, Marlena, John, Steve and Kayla is becoming beyond boring America. Orpheus’ obsession with the doc is beyond boring, John is still erratic because of that tumor, Steve and Kayla just reunited and they’re already dealing with a ton of drama with Tripp and Allie and now Kayla is missing yet again.

Only this time Orpheus did not kidnap Kayla, it was Rolf. Rolf has busted out of jail, as well and seems so loyal to Stephano that he is trying his best to resurrect the villain. After bursting out the prison, Rolf headed to the DiMera mansion where Chad broke the news that Stefano is gone once and for all and he is NOT coming back. That resulted in Dr. Rolf pulling a gun on Chad, who responded by subduing the doc, but Gwen stumbled downstairs and found herself in a pickle.

For those not in the know, Gwen is secretly working with Rolf on some masterplan, one that has NOT been fully disclosed to the viewers, which is slightly annoying, but I guess that keeps one intrigued at the same time America. Gwen feigned ignorance by helping Rolf escape to prevent him from disclosing the fact that she is secretly working with him.

So what is Rolf’s masterplan involving Kayla? It looks like we will find out very soon. Let’s talk about Clyde because the former baddie (he’s still bad), has formed a bit of logic when it comes to Ben. A lot of Ben’s behavior is a direct result of his father. Clyde of all people has warned his son to not be focused on vengeance against Vincent for Ciara’s ‘death.’ Ben looks to be returning to the dark side, but rather he fully embraces it is another thing.

Clyde is also entangled with Orpheus who is pulling major strings. How so? He wanted to ensure that Marlena does what he wants and as a result he forced Clyde to kidnap Henry to use as leverage to force Marlena’s hand. Yes, this has caused all sorts of chaos as Nicole and Allie are worried sick about the baby all people true colors are starting to shed light. I don’t know what the hell Lani and Eli are doing because with the prison bust, I think it’s safe to say Kristen has gotten yet another get out of jail free card that totally sucks America. Lani you need to be on bed rest not trying to fight crime when you’re pregnant with twins and you’re babies safety should be a top priority.

Jan seems to have an axe to grind with Belle as she quenches to be with Shawn, Phillip has a secret ally who Brady is aware of, but has not yet pulled the trigger to alert Xander of the situation. Oh, speaking of Xander he just seems to be getting in more and more hot water with Sarah as she learns more about his past, like the fact that he was entangled with a prison break awhile back that involved Clyde and Orpheus. Yeah, as much as Xander tries to reform it seems he keeps being pulled back.

Kayla and Steve have run a DNA test with Tripp and Henry to prove Tripp’s innocence, but I’m certain there is a twist where the test will reveal what Steve and Kayla hoped to not be true America, but we shall see.