HOLLYWOOD HILLS—Dave Franco hosted his directorial debut movie The Rental as a drive-in premiere at Vineland Drive-In on June 18.

Dave Franco, his wife Alison Brie, who’s also a co-star of the movie, along with Dan Stevens, Jeremy Allen White, and Sheila Vand stood for photos while socially distancing themselves. The stars removed their masks for the pictures but quickly put them back on.

Talking to The Hollywood Reporter the next day, Dave Franco said he loved how casual the night was. “It didn’t feel like there was a spotlight on me or the cast,” Franco added. “It felt more like a communal experience where everyone was just excited to get out of their homes and let loose with a crowd of fellow movie lovers.”

The movie, a horror-thriller, was shown across four screens and welcomed over 700 cars. The tickets priced at $55, including the theater’s regular and caramel popcorn buckets, were sold through ArcLight. One screen was section separately for VIP guests and press.

A number of drive-in movie theaters have risen across America as the country starts to open up after the lockdown and many set to open up for the summer.