BEVERLY HILLS—On Saturday, February 10, the Beverly Hills Police Department released drone footage of a burglar falling into a pool while attempting to escape the scene. The incident occurred on Saturday, January 6.

The burglar, identified as 36-year-old David Verdun, broke into a home in Beverly Hills, ABC 7 reported. While attempting to flee the scene, Verdun climbed out of a window of the home and tried using a ladder to climb over the barrier wall. Verdun fell off the ladder and into the home’s pool. 

Prior to the incident, the home’s security system alerted BHPD of the break-in. BHPD sent a drone to survey the property and caught the incident on camera. 

Upon getting out of the pool, Verdun reportedly tried to hide in the backyard, but police found him, and he was arrested.

No further detail has been disclosed about the incident or what Verdun was attempting to steal.