MELROSE—On Monday, March 4, a tourist was attacked by four suspects near the Melrose Corridor. The attack was caught on surveillance video by the Melrose Action Neighborhood Watch, which depicts two men following an individual walking on 7400 block Waring Avenue at 4:15 p.m. The victim had just left CVS pharmacy at Gardner and Melrose and began to walk back to his rental, as four suspects slowly and calculatedly followed him northbound on the 700 block of Gardner St

According to Melrose Action Neighborhood Watch, the victim was a tourist staying at a neighborhood Airbnb. The victim was ambushed by the suspects, who violently punched him, before taking a fanny pack that contained his wallet, passport, keys to his Airbnb and other items. The victim was treated at the scene and was bleeding from his face. A bystander in a truck, who witnessed the attack attempted to help the victim by threatening the suspects with a machete.

The Melrose Action Neighborhood Watch, which is made up of more than 2,000 neighbors, released the video hoping it would act as a call to action. Residents are concerned that this attack is part of a bigger problem. They released the video in hopes that authorities and city officials acknowledge that crime is rising in their region.

Paramedics and officers from LAPD’s Wilshire Station arrived at the scene.  At least a dozen LAPD patrol cars immediately shut down Waring and the 800 Block of Gardner St because they thought one or two of the suspects were hiding in the rear of a duplex there.

There have been over nine robberies in the past month, including squatters taking residence in homes and people stealing packages off the front porch of homes.

The Melrose Action Neighborhood Watch tweeted, “Update: Three suspects still outstanding – three African American males, early to mid twenties, tall, one wearing all black athletic wear w/blk backpack, second suspect wearing red jersey or sweater with Nike logo.. Victim was hit in face, surrendered his Rolex, wallet.”

On Sunday, March 3 at around 7 p.m. a robbery and shooting transpired near the corner of Melrose and Fuller Avenues, where the suspects approached a victim, demanded shoes that were just purchased and a shot was fired. There were no reports of any injuries during that incident.

Anyone with information on any of the incidents is asked to the contact LAPD Wilshire Robbery Detectives at (213) 922-8205.

Written By Aina Jankunas and Casey Jacobs