UNITED STATES—A few weeks ago, I wrote all about the semi-permanent eyebrow makeup tattoo. I told you about what it is and what the typical process is like. I also told you some of the pros and cons of getting the service done. One of the cons that I mentioned was the possibility that you might not like the results if you choose to get the tattoo done. Now, I’m going to talk about what to do if you happen to get a bad eyebrow tattoo.

The first thing to think about is timing. If you just got your tattoo done within 24 hours, this is definitely not enough time to determine whether or not you like your tattoo. It may look thicker and darker than it will once it’s fully healed. Give your tattoo at least one to two weeks and sometimes up to a few weeks to heal before you decide that you hate it.

After your tattoo has healed and it turns out that you really don’t like it. Don’t worry too much because most semi-permanent makeup service facilities offer at least one touch up appointment that comes included with the initial cost of the service. At this point, you can express your concerns and your technician can add to the shape and color of your tattoo. But, if you really hate it, you can get your tattoo corrected.

A correction or tattoo removal is probably what I would suggest as a last resort, simply because you most likely spent a lot of money on your tattoo and it wouldn’t be ideal to have to get it removed.

There are several other things that you could do to make your eyebrows look better if you don’t want to get your tattoo removed. The first thing you could do, is you could continue to fill in your eyebrows. I know, you probably got the tattoo so that you wouldn’t have to fill in your eyebrows right? But if you don’t want to or can’t remove your tattoo, I’m afraid that this is one of the best options for concealing a bad tattoo.

You could also get your eyebrows tinted. Some beauty salons offer this service, but you could also buy an eyebrow tinting kit and do it yourself at home. The results may vary, some people claim that their results last up to two weeks. I think this is worth a try if you don’t want to fill in your brows on a daily basis.