HOLLYWOOD—Carter and Quinn’s affair is about to rattle a ton of lives on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” They slept together once and acknowledged it was a mistake. They then turned around and did it again, this time the ramifications were worse as Zoe busted in on the act. Zoe didn’t get a glance of Quinn who hid under the bed. However, Zoe was indeed heartbroken. She poured out her heart to Carter, who could only stare at her with defeat in his eyes.

However, if Zoe and Carter thought that was the end it was ONLY the beginning. Shauna stopped by Forrester Creations to deliver Quinn’s jacket which she left at Carter’s place. Zoe noticed the jacket and it led to Shauna admitting she was the secret woman in Carter’s life. Carter and Quinn looked flabbergasted, as Zoe wanted answers as to how long the two had been sleeping together. Both covered well, but the guilt was eating Quinn alive who was rattled when Zoe asked her question about rather she knew what Shauna and Carter were up to.

Zoe was devastated and it was hard to watch for this woman who has been unlucky in love America. However, this latest scare left Quinn rattled as she wondered where her marriage stood. Eric contemplated things with Ridge and Brooke, with Brooke noted if he distrusts Quinn there is a reason for that. Making matters complicated was Eric feeling guilt about repairing his marriage. After much debate he let Quinn know he wanted to give their marriage another shot, just as Carter decided to take Zoe back.

Yeah, talk about a 360 people, and Carter and Zoe being an item again is so going to raise red flags to everyone if you ask me. Zoe decided to confront Shauna, which I needed to see. Shauna has nothing to do. It’s like why is this woman still on this show people? Same with Flo? Same with Wyatt. I mean Wyatt you seem to only interrogate Bill because you have nothing else to do. Bill was not having it as he shouted at his son to leave things alone.

The pressure of their role in Vinny’s death is indeed getting to Bill and Liam. Liam reunited with Hope, but she senses something off with her lover that she has struggled to pinpoint. I mean they made love, were living in bliss and Liam was just mere seconds from blurting out the truth about Vinny. Hope sees it, Brooke senses it and Bill is doing all in his power to get his son to stay mum people.

However, the tension catapulted this week when Thomas and Bill got into a heated argument about Vinny’s demise. Thomas seems to think that Bill had motive to want to eliminate Vinny (and I must agree). Things were so tense that Wyatt had to intervene, which tells me Wyatt will learn the truth much sooner than later people. That was only the kicker, as Liam spilled his guts to Hope. Yes people, Hope knows everything America and it takes the situation to another level people.

The writers keep saying that Vinny’s death is a murder mystery, for that to be the case the audience would have to be in the dark on things. Right now, nothing unexpected has unearthed, but with only 1 week left in May sweeps it’s time for some sort of reveal to come to light to knock the audience off their feet. This Liam, Vinny and Bill mystery needs to turn the volume up even higher than what it already is.

On top of that, I cannot wait to see the truth about Quinn and Carter to come out because it is going to be epic. Eric will be livid, Brooke is going to want to knock Quinn off her feet in the worse way possible and there is no telling how Zoe will react to the news of her fiancé and new BFF sleeping together. Are we going to learn that anytime soon? I think not, maybe closer to November sweeps, but then again we might learn a lot sooner than later America.