MALIBU—On July 31, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors forum was held in Malibu at the Library where they were met with about 20 protestors about mask and vaccine requirements needed for the event. 

The protest was organized by Free WeHo, an organization that describes themselves as a “grassroots, non-partisan community coalition that creates space for freedom-loving LGBTQ people and our allies.” The have been known to appear throughout city of Los Angeles protesting against mask and vaccine mandates. 

They stayed for about 30 minutes as attendees checked into the forum. One protestor was seen holding a sign that read, “Abolish Vaccine Passports.” The demonstration led to some heated debates with attendees. The protestors specifically called out two candidates which were Lindsay Horvath and Bob Hertzberg. They shouted “Hertzberg and Horvath, lock them up.” Malibu Mayor, Paul Grisanti, was confronted by a protestors as he attempted to shut the doors on the crowd.  

According to reports, the demonstrators chants were so loud they could hear them in the meeting room where the forum took place. Some attendants asked the candidates to speak louder because of the protest going on outside. 

Police were called to the location and decided to allow the protestors to stay as long as the remained in the lobby.