Jaydon Hayden, Unnamed Suspect Of Nursing Home Attack

DETROIT—On Thursday, May 21, the Detroit Police Department arrested a man after video went viral of him beating an elderly patient at a facility. The suspect identified as, Jaydon Hayden, 20, is a student at Walter Reuther Psychiatric Hospital in Westland, Michigan. He  recorded himself abusing an elderly man and woman. The incident occurred on May 15 at the Westwood Rehabilitation Nursing Center in Detroit.

Video quickly circulated through social media. President Trump tweeted, “Is this even possible to believe? Can this be for real? Where is this nursing home, how is the victim doing?” Celebrities including  actor James Woods expressed concern over the situation.

It was only after the video went viral and President Trump tweeted about it, did Chief of Detroit Police Department, James Craig make an arrest, The department and the media continues to protect the suspect by refusing to release his name.

“Thank you to everyone for your assistance in bringing the senior home incident to our attention. The Detroit Police Department is investigating the situation, and an arrest has been made. Thank you again,” shared the department on their Facebook page.

In spite of two departments “investigating” this crime, Ann Arbor and Detroit Police Department, including Chief James Craig, they have yet to disclose the specific location and the suspect’s name, noting he has not been charged yet.

Ann Arbor police had contacted the nursing home long after the video had gone viral and reported that they were already aware of the situation, even though they had not reported it to authorities.

Media outlets such as Fox News, Detroit 2, interviewed the suspect’s father who wanted everyone to know his son “wasn’t a vicious man and has mental issues”. The reporter, also unwilling to announce the suspects name or even call him a suspect,  referred to him as “the young man”.

Angered individuals via social media recognized the suspect, posting the name of the suspect and the location.

The Westwood Rehabilitation Nursing Center, located at 16588 Schaefer Hwy #4249, Detroit, MI 48235 where the victim, a 75-year old man is receiving treatment for injuries sustained at a local hospital has retained counsel.

The law firm representing Westwood Rehabilitation Nursing Center revealed in a statement to WXYZ Detroit, that the man was also a patient and was “recently admitted for recovery and rehabilitation purposes on a temporary stay.”

According to his YouTube account,  he is a boxing fan and has committed other felonies. In some of his videos, he is sparring allegedly at the Norwayne Boxing Gym.

Police have yet to comment additional details as the case is still under investigation. At the time of publishing, Detroit police say the suspect is now in custody and is awaiting charges.