HOLLYWOOD—Well, the Devil’s reign of terror is finally over in Salem and it could not have come at a time much sooner. Why? It was getting stale as I noted before people. Allie went full-blown chaotic kidnapping Ciara’s body and then planning to possess baby Bo and utilize him as his new body on Earth. Well, there was one problem: Bo Brady sent a sign from above to his daughter to help sever the force field that was protecting Allie and the baby, just as Charlie took out Johnny who was hoping to stop his sister.

However, there was someone else looking to play hero people: Tripp. Tripp was destined to rescue Allie and in the process allowed the Devil to possess him before jumping to his death. Yeah, it was a shocking moment, but this is May Sweeps and “Days of Our Lives” knows how to do it people. Ben and Ciara were reunited with their baby boy and it has long blessed us with the opportunity for the fans to bid them adieu. Yes, I’m happy to see them vacate Salem for a little while America. They have been part of way too many storylines and I’m tired of seeing them on my screen people.

That all culminated with the Devil planning to set fire to the church with Eric, Marlena, Johnny, John and Tripp all fighting to save Allie’s soul people. The Devil jumped into Tripp’s body and to prevent the Devil from hoping into another body Tripp jumped out the window in an epic sacrifice. Tears all around for Steve, Kayla, Allie and Ava, but in Salem, death is never final because Bo Brady, yes people, thee Bo Brady made a miraculous return and gave Tripp another chance at life people.

After all this madness it looks like this will reunite Tripp and Allie and Johnny and Chanel people, so that is a plus. With love in the air, Rafe proposed marriage to Nicole, even though her mind is still on Eric and so is Eric’s on Nicole. Yeah, those two belong together, so the audience should expect heartache for Rafe in the coming weeks because I see a reunion in the works people and that worries me.

Chaos erupted for the Price family as Lani discovered from Eli that it was her father that nearly killed him and beat Beth to a pulp people. TR was hoping to get Paulina out of town in a quickie before the truth was exposed, but Abe showed up demanding to see Paulina. So TR bashed his head in with a bat, before he attempted to strike at Paulina, but Lani showed up with gun in hand. She fired a single shot killing her father. Talk about a wicked turn of events people, Paulina covering for her daughter fatally shooting her father, when in true essence it was self-defense people, what am I missing here.

The truth is going to come out and to be honest I don’t think there will be any repercussions to say the least; it was self-defense plain and simple people. Xander and Maggie gave Sarah the antidote to restore her memory and all is well, except it isn’t. Sarah doesn’t remember what happened to her daughter and what Xander did. I cannot believe I’m about to say this, but I feel for Xander. The guy has totally reformed as a direct result of Sarah so he deserves his happy ending people, but telling Sarah the truth might drive her right away from him all over again people. Gwen and Xander bid a tearful goodbye, just as Gwen decided to accept her fate for her actions and not take Ava up on her offer to bust out of prison, now only if the audience could see Ava Vitali pay for her wicked crimes people.

Back with the DiMera clan, EJ and Chad have reunited to reclaim their family business from Gabi Hernandez, but Gabi has an ace up the sleeve in Kristen DiMera people. The question is whose side is Kristen on people: Gabi or her brothers and isn’t she a wanted woman people? So much drama so little time. Gabi still seethes jealously when it comes to Jake and Ava’s relationship, but she plans to utilize her former lover to help with her stress at DiMera and the looming threat of her position being overtaken people.

Lucas is back in town, and Kate is feeling the walls closing in about what he did to Sami. I really want this secret exposed so the war between EJ and Lucas culminates with Sami and EJ reuniting, but with Belle estranged from Shawn because of Jan, I don’t see that transpiring people. Roman knows Kate is hiding a secret, and with Lucas back in Salem for Allie it is only a matter of time before EJ starts to connect the dots that Lucas was responsible for his arrest.

Leo is still in Salem and so is Sonny who has taken over the top position at Titan people. Looks like Leo is out for blood and Sonny is at the top of the list people, followed by Chad who was peeved with that story that was leaked to the press. Chad should be worried about EJ learning that Chad knows Lucas kidnapped Sami and kept mum. EJ does not like betrayal, especially when family is involved people. “DOOL” is heating up the drama as we enter our final week of ‘May Sweeps.’