HOLLYWOOD—I have been eagerly awaiting to see more drama transpire on “The Young and the Restless” and I’m not really getting it people. It feels to me that out of all the soaps remaining, “Y&R” never truly delivers when it comes to ‘May Sweeps.’ Where are the secrets being exposed? Where is the drama? That is what any soap fan wants when it comes to sweeps people. I mean the biggest bomb at the moment has to be the repercussions of Diane Jenkins being back in Genoa City. To be honest it might have been smarter for the writers to wait until May to drop the bomb that Diane Jenkins is very much alive and back, but it happened a few weeks earlier and trust me when I discovered it, it shook me because I never expected it.

However, Diane is back and people are pissed. For starters, Phyllis is not pleased to have her nemesis back in the flesh, the Abbotts are livid (notably Ashley), and the Newman family is not pleased (Victor and Nikki at the top of the list). However, who in GC has not done something wicked in the past and be given a second chance. Let me go thru the list people: Victor, Nikki, Victoria, Nicholas, Adam, Chelsea, Lily, Devon, Mariah, Tessa, Sharon, Michael, Chloe, Phyllis, Jack, Kevin, shall I continue. The point is no one is a saint, everyone makes mistakes and Diane is not different.

Now faking your death is a bit extreme, but it is what it is. Diane is making some amends, particularly getting her foot in the door with Kyle who wants to forgive his mother and give her a second chance. Jack is warming up slightly, but Phyllis, not quite. Oh, she is livid with Diane and sees that she is up to no good, as well as Jack, Ashley and a few others. I have the reasoning to believe Diane Jenkins is here for the long run people. She is not the only one back in town, as Allie made her debut in GC and met grandfather Jack in the flesh, as well as the other Abbotts including her uncle Kyle and a romance spark might be brewing between Noah and Allie.

Somebody, anybody grab Noah’s heart please, the guy is like a dying puppy right now and has been since he returned to town a few months ago. Crystal also returned to participate in Mariah and Tessa’s wedding, in the midst of Sharon dealing with an unimaginable death. I still think the soap did Rey Rosales dirty with his sendoff, it just felt like such a cheat people. With that said, Mariah and Tessa tied the knot this week, but it wasn’t a wedding without a surprise people as Diane showed up to show support or to surprise Kyle, who got another shocker this week with Summer (not Hunter King) people returning home to reunite with her husband. The verdict is still out on this new Summer for me. She seems a bit too giddy and doesn’t have that edge just yet that King brought to the role.

Summer is back, which makes me wonder, what drama is in store for Kyle, Diane, Jack, Phyllis and Summer in the coming weeks people. It has to be something big and I’m eager to see. On top of that, Adam and Sally are working behind the scenes to reunite Ashland and Victoria Newman. Victoria is a complete idiot. Yes, this guy saved you from a burning car, but he conned your father out of $500 million. Even though he just donated $250 million to New Hope in honor of Rey, it is obvious that Ashland Locke is here to stay for a while people and Sally and Adam might have stumbled upon a genius plan.

I mean reuniting two people who are obviously still in love makes you wonder, how no one else considered it people. Sally shared her tale of her sordid past with Victoria and then buttered up Ashland at the same time. Oh, they are NOT doing this with kind intentions it is because they are hoping to boot Victoria from Newman Enterprises and give Adam the title. I mean he wasn’t happy that Nikki Newman was named Co-CEO, and so was I. I mean the woman does little to nothing, guess this is the writers’ way of giving her something to do.

Lily and Billy still have nothing much to do, neither do Devon, Amanda, Elena and Nate. It might be time to start severing ties with some characters or give them a storyline “Y&R.” The drama is lacking on a major front in my opinion, but the romance has finally ignited for Jack and Phyllis who shared a kiss this week fanatics!