HOLLYWOOD—The war between Christine ‘Cricket’ and Phyllis continues on “The Young and the Restless.” I must admit I do like this rivalry because these ladies have long history and in the middle of it all is Danny. Danny is conflicted about his emotions and I cannot understand it. Danny and Cricket are like the daytime romance of “Y&R” that fans adore!

Danny admitted to both ladies that he is conflicted with his emotions and sees his love for Phyllis simply as a friend, but he also feels similar to Christine. So, Danny which is it? Do you see them both as friends or do you want more with one than the other and why not just come out and say it. Hell, the barbs being traded between these ladies are just hilarious because the digs do cut deep. It has also placed Daniel into the crosshairs of his parents, where Phyllis is the enemy yet again, and Danny is seen as the conflicted party.

Danny is not as innocent and as Christine has pointed out, it feels like Danny might be playing a game pitting these two women against one another. I so want to see a vengeful side of Christine emerge where she gets a bit of revenge on the woman who tried to kill her, it would only be fitting.

Those ladies are not the only ones at war; you have Tucker and Ashley still going at it. Ashley is reeling that the waiter, and a bunch of patrons are siding with Tucker noting Ashley was the one who lost her rocker, and it is a question as to whether Ashley is losing it. Traci suspects that, Jack is concerned, and a family intervention is causing Ashley to spiral.

Yeah, that has Ashely stunned that her family is siding with Tucker over her, and to be honest, I can’t believe it as well. It seems so obvious Tucker is up to no good, and the confirmation came as a direct result of him keeping tabs on when Ashley arrived back in Genoa City. If you were so committed to Audra and it was true the love between you and Ashley was over, you would NOT be keeping tabs on her. Audra saw his text and her jealously is totally skyrocketing. Tip for you Audra; you don’t come close to competing with Ashely. Tucker loves her, he’s simply using you for sex, and before the week culminated Ashley and Tucker had an all-out war of words!

Speaking of jealously, it looks like Nate is having a bit of it as he is concerned about Audra and her relationship with Tucker. Little does Nate know, it doesn’t seem Audra has that torch for him, even though these two have sizzling chemistry and they would be great as an item! Tucker still wants to take out Jabot, and I think Jack, Diane, Kyle, Ashley, Devon and Billy are all aware that Tucker will and can never be trusted. Devon and Billy are a bit at odds over Devon keeping Billy out of business meetings.

Look, there are too many cooks in the kitchen at Chancellor-Winters. You have Jill, Devon, Lily, Billy, Nate, Chance and now Abby. There is also that element of Daniel, which is more contention. Daniel is canoodling with Heather behind Lily’s back while she is spending time with Mattie. Devon is putting the screws to Daniel to confess the truth as he doesn’t want to lie to Lily that Daniel cheated on her with Heather. Yeah, you’re leading her on and that is brutal no matter how you look at it. Daniel tossed his cheating back into Devon’s face which was a fair point.

The tale of the hour is Victor, Nikki and Jack. Nikki’s sobriety has been broken and she is struggling heavily. She is on bender and trying her best to put her life back together, but her hiding things is making the situation worse. Jack you didn’t help by calling Victor when he was there at the bar looking for Nikki. You simply allowed her to drink even more making the situation worse. The good thing is the cat is out of the bag, and it is all up to Nikki and her loved ones to get her the help she needs to kick the addiction.

However, with Jordan lurking around and calling Nikki and playing that stripper music is not helping the situation one bit. Nikki is rattled, Victor is on the hunt for Jordan, Claire is on edge, Cole and Victoria want to be protectors and Nick well he’s not doing much. Jordan is about to strike at the Newman family yet again as we are in the thick of February Sweeps. The question remains who will be the target and will Jordan accomplish what she has set out to do?