HOLLYWOOD—Whew, it was a week on the ABC soap “General Hospital” just in time for February Sweeps. I had a feeling something big was coming, but I had my skepticism, but it unfolded. The villainous Esme Prince struck yet again this time it was in Paris, where Spencer and Trina were celebrating. Yes, I knew the moment that Spencer handed over Ace to Nikolas he was committing a ‘death’ sentence. Esme was furious and she was out for blood. If she couldn’t have Ace, she planned to take something from Spencer that he wanted.

Esme tracked the couple to Paris, and she unleashed mayhem, by first kidnapping Trina and tying her up, before threatening to poison Spencer if he didn’t follow her orders. It was a tussle of sorts with Trina getting the upper hand and putting a beating on Esme with a wrench. Yeah, it was long overdue, especially after all Esme put Trina through. It culminated with a battle that sent Spencer into the river with Esme as he fought tooth and nail after being drugged to save the woman he loved.

Trina was an emotional mess, and she was not the only one, as was Laura who rushed to Paris with Dante, Curtis and Portia. It was gut-wrenching acting from Genie Francis that could have her in contention for the Daytime Emmy Award this year, I think. I mean she was under the guise that her son Nikolas was dead, only to find out he is very much alive (more on that later). It was brutal for Laura to come to grips that her grandson is dead.

Laura has lost a lot in her lifetime. Reminder at one time or another, all of her kids have been presumed dead, and I wonder how Spencer’s demise will impact her. Could we FINALLY see the return of Lucky or Lulu Spencer?

Trina was holding out hope, but she knew in her gut that this might be it. The news was broke to Josslyn and Cameron as Port Charles learned of the unexpected fate of yet another Cassadine. This was news that was difficult for Sonny to take in, as well as Ava, who knows Trina is about to be gutted by this. Do I think Spencer is dead? Nope, nobody was seen, so he’s alive somewhere, but where, I couldn’t tell you and who has him that is also up for debate. I can tell you it’s NOT Nikolas who showed up at Laura’s doorstep with Ace.

Yeah, Nikolas your timing is not great considering if you hadn’t taken Ace, Esme wouldn’t have flipped her rocker. This may also usher in chaos for the devious Heather Webber that was warning Laura that she needed her to rescue Esme if at all possible from making a terrible mistake. The question of the hour is what happens with Nikolas? Is he back in Port Charles permanently or is he about to be carted off to jail? Well, he was carted to jail after some convincing from Laura to get her son to do the right thing. I’m sure it is only a matter of time before he gets out.

Ava and Sonny, what is going on here? I hope the writers are NOT planning to reunite these two because I don’t want to see it. Reminder Sonny, this woman murdered Connie in cold-blood and played a role in the death of your son, Morgan Corinthos. I get Avery is her mother but dammit that is a wicked woman to the core. Like she did encourage Nina to contact the SEC on Carly and Drew and she’s acting like she played no role in it; Nina would have never done it if Ava didn’t put it in her head.

The thing to point out is that shooting, because it was damn tactical and all I can remember thinking is the only person who would know the ins and outs is Jason Morgan. The question now becomes WHY is Jason doing it and who is pulling his strings? I don’t want to see a new programming storyline, but I am eager to see the Sonny vs. Jason war because it has never transpired and this is going to be fun to watch. Why? It means Dex is going to be exposed and become second fiddle to Jason Morgan, while Michael, Joss and Carly could be exposed for Michael’s ruse to take down Nina.

The truth about Dex being a mole looks like it is coming front-and-center as Brock convinced Sonny that Dex might be playing him and has been doing so all along (duh, cause he has). The only hiccup here is the we know Dex is not the culprit, but it makes me wonder if it’s not Jason Morgan (it seems a bit easy), then who is it that wants Sonny dead?

Nina is indeed grieving and she doesn’t have many allies, but she still has Maxie and Sasha on her side, and Drew is raising flags with his rage towards seeking revenge on Nina. I mean even Michael had a step back and do a double take as he realized whatever has happened to Nina has happened and he needs to move on. This has become a discussion topic for Willow, Carly and Sam who are also realizing the difference in Drew and his performance.

Chase and Brook Lynn are preparing to walk down the aisle, just as Carly saw a bit of success with Crimson, even though she still has plenty to learn. The other, and I mean other big tale is Anna’s mission to connect the dots involving the shooting at the Metro Court, Agent Brennan and who is manipulating things from behind the scenes targeting Sonny. A familiar face, one from the 90s has returned and if it is any indication whoever the person is after Anna, has a series grudge.

The person who Anna was stunned to see was Jagger, back then he was not a member of the FBI. How is he tied to all of this? The story is still developing, but I must say I am so hooked on this narrative right now because it feels like there are so nuances to potential threats and the audience still has no clue who is the mastermind yet and I love that. With Anna FINALLY accepting Laura’s offer to become the new Police Commissioner, it looks like she might get closer to the truth and I am so eager to watch this people.