UNITED STATES—It is a conversation that has been had time and time again. Is it smarter to stream content or continue to pay for cable TV? I have always been a proponent of cable TV because I enjoy just being able to turn on the TV and click on the channels and watch what I want without having to go through countless apps and such. Yes, technology can be fun, and it has evolved, but at the same time, it can be so complicated it is not fun to navigate.

With that said, I’m starting to question if paying for cable TV is the way to go. Why? The cost. It seems to constantly go up and with my particular service provider I’m not getting more, I’m getting less and that is a massive problem for me. The cost of things in this country has constantly gone up, and it’s not just inflation, it’s the fact that companies do this religiously and it is there way of earning an extra buck. With that said, I think I have reached that point where it is time to start cutting the cable cord.

I want to save money and I’m paying too much for cable TV and half the channels I never watch or there is no content on those channels that I even care to watch. I hate that so many of these stupid packages that are offered tend to be packages with content I don’t want to watch, and if there is a particular channel I want to watch I have to pay $10 to $15 extra for that one single channel that comes with a series of channels that I’m already paying for. Like how does that make sense!? Make that make sense. Precisely, the cable company is not able to do that which says it all; they don’t care to.

I’m starting to look at streaming more because I do have streaming services I pay for, but I’m quite precise about what I dish out. If it’s a streaming service that I watch religiously, I have no trouble paying for it, but if it is something I barely watch, why would I want to pay a monthly fee for it? I wouldn’t. If you start to play with the math in your head, to stream content all you need is internet and that streaming service. Your internet depending on the provider that you’re paying for is around $50 to $100 per month. Then tack on your streaming providers and you’re looking at another $50 for most Americans. Which means you’re spending perhaps $100 to $150 for internet and cable, whereas with a cable provider you might be spending $200 plus for the same thing with less content.

Your highest streaming is likely MAX or Netflix depending on whether you want ads or not. For me, I’m not paying more to NOT see ads. They’re just ads, my life is not going to end if I have to watch a minute or two to view an ad. If you have $10 here, $5 here, $5 there and another $7 to $8 there, and after doing the math you’re under $50. That sounds a lot better than the cost you pay for premium channels with your cable provider who loves to up the rates and could care less about offering a deal to the consumer. When you call them out on it, it’s like you’re speaking to someone with deaf ears. It is downright sickening at times people, I’m sorry it truly is. The service provider acts as if they’re providing you a deal when you know, it is not the deal they think it is. Hello, saving $20 on over $250 in services is not a deal, the same sentiment can be echoed if you’re spending $300 or more.

If I don’t cut the cord, I can almost guarantee you the services are about to be downgraded a bit because I want to save more and cut out the excess because that money I save I can use to spend on other things, things that are important and more impactful to my overall livelihood.

Written By Jason Jones