BEVERLY HILLS—The Beverly Hills Police Department indicated in a press release to Canyon News that on Tuesday, April 20 they will have additional officers on patrol looking for motorists violating the state’s hands-free cell phone law.

It is against the law in the state of California for drivers to hold a phone or electronic communications device while driving. This includes talking, texting, or using an app.

“Distracted driving is a serious issue, but one that can be easily solved simply by putting the phone down,” Beverly Hills Police Chief Dominick Rivetti said. “That text, phone call, email, or social media post can wait.”

Starting July 1, 2021, a violation for using a handheld cellular phone or texting while driving will result in a fine and add a point to the driver’s record for each violation taking place within 3 years of a prior conviction for the same offense.

Eating, grooming, programming directions, adjusting the radio, taking off a jacket, reaching for an object on the floor or navigating a vehicle’s in-dash touchscreen are other actions that can cause a crash.

The BHPD is urging drivers who need to make an important phone call or need to program directions, to pull over to a safe parking spot. Before driving, either silence your phone or put it somewhere it cannot be reached.

Funding for this program is provided by a California Office of Traffic Safety grant through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.