HOLLYWOOD HILLS—Kyle Guy, 36, who is a known DJ in the Hollywood region, was attacked as he was walking home after a performance on August 27. Guy witnessed two men fighting in the street as he was waiting to cross the intersection of Iver and Hollywood Boulevard.

One of the men noticed Guy and began to attack him. His knees were kicked in repeatedly, leaving him in pain and unable to move. He tore both patellar tendons and needed surgery immediately. He remained in the hospital for seven days after the incident.

At the time, doctors were concerned that Guy would not be able to walk again. He has undergone surgery and is able to get around with a wheelchair. Doctors are uncertain when he will be completely mobile again. 

Anyone looking to donate to Guy’s recovery process can visit his GoFundMe page: https://www.gofundme.com/f/violent-attack-leaves-verbs-kyle-unable-to-walk. 

Kyle Guy is a rapper and DJ that usually performs in Leimert Park.