UNITED STATES—I know 2020 has been a rough year, but it raises a question that worries me: does common courtesy still exist? This is a big question I have to pose because it seems like people do not care anymore. People just seem to think the notion of holding a door for another person who might be entering an establishment is a foreign idea. I guess I was raised well at an early age to always hold the door open for women and children, but in addition, hold the door open if you see someone approaching.

Does not seem that a lot of people get that gist and it is frustrating to say the least. Is this something teachable, I hope so, but at the same time people don’t care anymore! I cannot tell you as of recent how alarming it was to see people just exit an establishment knowing someone was behind them, but didn’t hold the door, especially for someone who had a multitude of bags in their hands.

However, the biggest frustration I have is people not knowing how to use the damn word ‘excuse me.’ I mean if you just briskly walk past someone or cut in-between them, you are supposed to say excuse me. If you see someone walking and you just cut in front of them abruptly you don’t act as if you didn’t do anything wrong! If you’re out and about shopping and trying to reach an item and someone is close by, you say excuse me. It is like so many people do not have home training and it drives me absolutely bonkers because I don’t understand the reasoning behind such ignorance. Yes, I call it ignorance because its two words you have to say America.

Is it that you don’t know the words or you just refuse to say them? It annoys me to the core, and I know this is a long drawn rant, but jeez I just don’t understand how people think such behavior is acceptable. It’s the same with coughing and sneezing in public. Cover your cough or nose people, we are in a pandemic, you shouldn’t want those germs spreading. Sneeze into your elbow or cover your mouth whenever you cough. This is NOT something people should have to teach, you should know it America!

This also goes for talking on a cellphone. Everyone does NOT want to hear your conversation. You don’t have to be over the top loud and you don’t need to be so loud that the entire world knows everything you did yesterday, who you’re upset with a so much more. Keep your private business private people.

The same sentiment can be echoed for mask wearing. Look, I know some people are NOT comfortable wearing a mask, or feel it infringes on their rights (whatever, I’m not even about to get into that silly argument), but again we are in a pandemic and you’re reminded daily to do it because so many people have contracted COVID-19 and so many have died as a result of it. If you’re someone who just doesn’t want to wear a mask, guess what, stay at home. I am so sick and tired of people getting into these tiffs because they are being asked to wear a mask.

A private business has the RIGHT to refuse service to you or prevent you from entering their establishment without a mask. If you don’t have a mask, and you see a massive sign that says YOU MUST HAVE MASK TO ENTER, don’t think by not wearing a mask is going to slide by. In addition, don’t argue when someone asks you to either put on a mask or leave the establishment. You don’t like the rules, shop online or do carryout or delivery. There are options if you don’t want to follow guidelines that are in place and being asked of by Americans, young and old people.

As Americans we can do so much more to be better people, it all starts with being aware the world does NOT revolve around us, there are other people in it and we should be attuned those individuals.

Written By Zoe Mitchell