Tag: respect

It’s Not What It Seems!

HELLO AMERICA!—It is so sad to learn that many of our favorite new stars and entertainers who have taken the main stage of our...

Ungrateful To The Core

UNITED STATES—Being grateful is a trait that many Americans lack, but I’m starting to see this transpire more and more in the younger generation....

No Consideration!

UNITED STATES—Time is precious, it’s valuable for most people. The one thing about time that is super important to understand is that once it’s...

Parents With Nothing To Offer Phenomena

UNITED STATES—When we think of a parent with nothing to offer, money or items of monetary value are the first thing we think of....

Respect Is No Guarantee

UNITED STATES—There is something about the word respect that is not so easy to decipher. I mean if someone were to ask you today...

Common Courtesy

UNITED STATES—What is it about Americans nowadays where they seem to care nothing about the impact their behavior has on others. Just the other...
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