HOLLYWOOD—If there is one thing people in the soap area should be fully aware of is that no wedding ends happily ever after, unless you’re Luke and Laura on “General Hospital” people. With that said a double wedding was in the works on “Days of Our Lives” between Gwen and Xander and Leo and Craig, but worlds were about to explode in the worst ways possible people.

Gwen has been lying thru her teeth for months about Sarah, Abigail and a bunch of other things. Well the chickens came home to roost this week, when Ava, the mob princess of all people turned on her pal and exposed the truth, the dirty truth to Abigail and Chad in exchange for immunity. Yeah, Ava was arrested thanks to Gabi getting the goods on her foe and trying to avenge Rafe, but Ava has slipped thru the cracks yet again for now.

Ava has committed some wicked deeds people, but Gwen a bit worse. I mean you took Rolf’s antidote and swapped it against Sarah causing further issues with her memory to ensure Xander forgets her. Do you honestly think you have a chance with him now that all has been exposed? I mean Gwen and Leo actually know each other? Two schemers about to receive their comeuppance on what is expected to be the happiest day of their lives, you couldn’t ask for anything else could you people.

Ben and Ciara discovered that they are having a baby boy after an unusual gender reveal party courtesy of Allie who is possessed by the Devil and breaking hearts people. I mean she broke up with Chanel, and Johnny is at the clutches of Andre and being held captive, just what does the Devil plan to do with Ciara and Ben’s baby, make him the new spawn of evil? Very likely. Chanel and Tripp are turning to each other as they deal with heartache. This is crazy, Allie and Johnny are pushing their lovers into the arms of each other, and have no idea they are doing it.

Gabi pretended to be DA to get the goods on Ava who has been shacking up with Jake. Gabi is NOT happy about that, and Jake warned her to be careful, as Rafe placed the cuffs on his former lover for setting him up. Whilst this was happening, Eric Brady is back in town and Nicole cannot stay away. Look, either Nicole is going to be with Rafe or Eric. Now if the writers are playing this Eric and Nicole reunites once again tale, it better be happily ever after because at this point I’m just bored and annoyed and that is NOT good one bit people.

Gabi may have won the battle, but Ava is winning the war after slithering thru the current charges against her and Rafe and Gabi were not pleased to say the least. Chloe and Brady were happy to see that Sonny got some Intel on a pal of Leo’s named Jackie Cox who was a surprise guest at the wedding that blew Leo’s world apart also. He did sign a prenuptial agreement after being served one by Chloe. If Craig and Leo divorce, Leo gets nothing people.

I mean evil never wins in Salem people, Gwen and Leo learned that all too well, but Gwen issued a veiled threat to her sister Abigail that I think is a sign of things to come. I mean Jack was so proud of his daughter, only to discover she has not changed much at all. Nancy and Clyde are getting cozy, just as it appears the writers are pairing a possible Belle and EJ romance, as if Sami would approve of that. I mean you have to realize that Shawn getting Jan pregnant is an absolute sore spot for Belle, who will not be able to forgive her hubby.

Chaos is ramping up for Salem residents just as May sweeps near on “Days of Our Lives.”