STUDIO CITY—The co-owner of Vitello’s Italian Restaurant Brad Roen has found a new way to give customers a familiar dining experience. When a longtime patron and a friend ordered takeout meals and set up two a portable table and chairs in the parking lot, it gave Roen an idea to attract customers.

In an interview with Canyon News Brad stated:

“I am the guy who follows the rules, but I will still find a way to survive. It is a fight to stay open and to be relevant during this time.”

“People are craving that familiarity of the dining experience, for the past two weeks those who have made the reservation are staying for two to three hours. They love the comfort and the charm of how normal life use to be,” he added. Brad is encouraging his clientele old and new to drive-in and dine-out every Friday and Saturday night starting at 7 p.m. Customers are required to bring their own tables and chair to create their own dinning experience.

Each customer who wishes to indulge in the experience must first make a reservation. There are up to 14 spaces that are about 15 feet, which leaves enough room to park a car and setup a small dining area. Social distancing and safety are key components in making this experience work properly.

Each patron orders their food and signature cocktails either before or after they arrive. The restaurant have reservations booked through the end of June. They even had couple who celebrated their wedding anniversary in one of the reserved parking spaces.

Roen has also built a marketplace, which is located at the restaurant. They sale milk, butter, cheese, and wine; along with pastas, pasta sauces, and desserts. with the option to delivery, pickup, or take it right to the patrons who are dining outside. He is considering the idea once the COVID-19 shutdown ends to possibly invest in cabanas to continue the outdoor eating experience for customers.