BEVERLY HILLS—A man crashed his vehicle into the parking garage of his apartment at 156 N. Clark Drive in Beverly Hills at around 11 p.m. Saturday July 24, according to Beverly Hills Police Department. The man, whose name was not released by Los Angeles County officials, has been booked with the BHPD under DUI charges.

According to police, the drunk driver was unharmed when returning home in his vehicle before crashing through the wall in the apartment parking garage. The destruction knocked a drying machine loose and severed a natural gas line. Also, a woman in the laundry room at the time of the accident was temporarily pinned by a piece of wood, but was not seriously injured. A Beverly Hills Police Watch Commander reported that “there was nothing unique or significant about the accident [outside DUI charges.]”

The driver’s blood alcohol level was not released, but under California law, a DUI can be escalated from a misdemeanor to a felony charge if a third party is injured. In the case of a first-time DUI, charges are typically misdemeanors, but since property damage occurred and a woman was injured, charges could quickly escalate for the jailed Beverly Hills resident.