SANTA MONICA—A suspect was arrested by the Santa Monica Police Department after being pulled over for Driving Under the Influence on Saturday, May 8. The SMPD reported that at approximately 3 a.m., officers responded to the 900 block of Georgina Avenue to a report of suspicious behavior involving two individuals whom the reporting person believed were prowling.

Marcos J. Saquich.

After arriving on the scene, they witnessed the vehicle leaving the area in a high rate of speed. The vehicle did not obey several traffic signs and continued to be reckless until officers stopped it a short distance away. When officers made contact, the driver displayed obvious signs of intoxication and inside the car were open alcoholic beverages that led officers to conduct standardized field sobriety tests. Officers recovered a loaded firearm on the passenger’s person.

The driver of the vehicle, Marcos H. Chino, 19,  male from Los Angeles was arrested and booked for 23152(g) VC – Driving under the Influence (drugs and alcohol). The passenger, Marcos J. Saquich, 20 from Los Angeles was arrested and booked for 25850(c)(6) PC – Carrying a Loaded Firearm – not registered.