BENEDICT CANYON—Los Angeles city prosecutors filed two motions on Tuesday, April 17 in an attempt to make headway in proceedings in the case against millionaire real estate heir Robert Durst for the Benedict Canyon murder of Susan Berman in 2000.

The Los Angeles District Attorney’s office is opposing Durst’s request for a delay of the hearing of whether to allow the court to enter into evidence Mirandized statements made by Durst in 2015, while in custody of New Orleans authorities.

In another action, the two parties continue to quarrel over procedures surrounding the review of privileged materials ordered gathered by the court by a “special master” in December 2016. The materials are from Durst’s New Orleans hotel room, his home in Houston, and the home of his girlfriend in Hudson Valley, New York. Durst had previously acquiesced to the review of the materials by the prosecution, but has since objected.

Prosecutors made clear in their arguments to the court that they believe Durst is obstructing proceedings in an attempt to “stall the inevitable.”

A preliminary hearing in the case has not yet been held and no date has been set for trial.