HOLLYWOOD—We’ve been eagerly waiting and I can now confirm that EJ DiMera is indeed alive on the NBC soap “Days of Our Lives.” Kristen DiMera has been secretly working behind the scenes to bring her brother back from the dead, courtesy of Dr. Rolf, who isn’t so dead afterall. Ok, the more I think about it, “Days of Our Lives” is starting to remind me of the former soap “Passions.” It seems like this is the one soap that if you die, there is always a chance that you could indeed come back from the dead.

We have to rewind a bit, because it was Brady who solved the mystery. During a moment of weakness he slept with Kristen, and realized his former flame was up to no good. He followed her to a warehouse, where he learned Xander and Kristen have been secretly working together. This all got more chaotic with the news that Nicole and Xander are married and he is blackmailing her because he knows she murdered Deimos. Eric was determined to reunite with his former flame and they made love.

Sami entered the mix after getting a tip from Stefan that EJ was being held at a facility. The trio teamed up to take down Kristen and Xander. Kristen got the upper hand on Eric and was holding him hostage, while Brady was locked in another room with Sami. Sami utilized the keys Brady had to go searching for EJ, while Xander found himself clocked by Nicole who searched for Eric.

This only set a stage of events where an explosion rocked the facility and Nicole found herself trapped. Eric did all in his power to save his love, but it looks like Nicole is kaput. Kristen alluded to the fact that there are more patients in the facility and that really peaked my interest to new heights. Who else from Salem is trapped in that building and will the audience ever learn precisely who we thought to be dead is still very much alive? Brady saved Holly, while Kristen begged for him to be with her. Sami searched furiously for EJ, and located the mystery patient who isn’t responsive, but we’ll learn in due time just what happened to Sami’s one great love.

However, the moment to deliver tears involved Eric bidding adieu to Nicole who was trapped between rubble as the fire started to spread. Eric already hated Brady, but now he’s really going to hate his brother for clocking him with a crowbar and pulling him away from Nicole. Damn so much drama so little information. What the hell does that tattoo on Kristen’s back represent? Could the great Stefano DiMera actually be alive and planning a comeback?

There was another big bombshell delivered when it was revealed by Mimi that Rex is the father of baby. Yeah, that was a slight surprise, but I was able to put the pieces of the puzzle together. I don’t know why I thought Rex and Cassie were Marlena’s kids, I think that was teased when they first came to Salem, but their parents are Kate and Roman. I mean watching Rex meet his niece, who is actually his daughter was interesting. Can you imagine the bomb, when Mimi finally confesses the truth to Rex!

Why? Rex is on the verge of getting married, and another interesting development: that person is none other than Sarah Horton, Maggie’s daughter who is returning to Salem after being MIA for what seems like forever. Sarah won’t be too pleased to learn her fiancé has a daughter that not even he knew about. Things could get very dicey, with Belle keeping the truth from Rex, not to mention Lucas bonding with a child that is not even his.

There is one more story really heating up: the battle between Abigail and Gabi. Abigail knows her pal set her up to take the fall for her ‘attack’ and it has set a stage of events in motion where everyone thinks she is crazy and Chad now wants her committed. Even JJ for a moment was on his sister’s side, suspecting Gabi toyed with Abby’s meds, but he wasn’t able to prove it. With Kate being blackmailed by Gabi, it looks like our vixen will get what she wants, well, not quite. Why? Stefan is still thinking about Gabby and as a result, Abigail turned to the one person who can protect her from being committed: Stefan!

This will be interesting because we know Stefan has a soft spot for Abigail, and knowing that she is in danger and Gabby might not ever resurface, he’d do anything to protect her. Looks like Gabi’s plan is starting to unravel, I’m just waiting for someone else to catch onto what she has been up to because the fireworks will really explode at that moment “Days of Our Lives” fanatics!