HOLLYWOOD—It finally feels like “Days of Our Lives” once again because we’re getting a notable villain back in the forefront in EJ DiMera. Yeah, the last time we saw EJ in the flesh, he was a bit reformed, but this new EJ has an agenda and it looks like he’ll get his way. Why? He plans to reclaim his throne of DiMera Enterprises which is currently being run by Jake. Well EJ plans to change that by utilizing Chad, Tony and Kristen who is MIA to get the votes to oust the brother he’s just met people.

Yeah, Sami thought her and EJ were going to jet back to London and her tryst with Lucas would remain secret. Nope, she’s stuck in Salem and it looks like that fear of her secret coming out is making Sami on edge. Hell, even her father Roman suspects something between his daughter and her baby daddy Lucas. Lucas wants another shot with Sami, but Sami not so much.

This is great leverage for Nicole if she learns the truth about her foe sleeping with Lucas, but Nicole better be careful because news has already broke Eric Brady is headed back to Salem soon people. Nicole has a secret of her own: she slept with Eric’s mortal enemy Xander! Yeah, so as much as these ladies hate one another, bringing their foe down would result in their world exploding in the process too people, however, she didn’t expect Brady to learn she slept with Xander. The plot thickens people.  Speaking of Nicole, Rafe is dreaming about her! What, now this happens, after he slept with Ava, who I’m sorry it’s not a good pairing people. With Eric coming back this will ONLY make things messier than what they already are.

It looks like Allie’s romance with Tripp was short-live because her feelings for Chanel seem to be growing and the more Chanel and Allie spend time together things get stronger and stronger. It works and I’m all for it people, but Chanel needs to worry about her mother, Paulina. Paulina has been lying to everyone about her plans for the Horton Town Square and when the truth is revealed everyone is going to be livid including Lani and Abe. I’m sorry this Abe and Paulina pairing is odd; her aunt is romancing her father. That just seems crazy and icky people.

Jake is busy by Kate’s side thinking she is blind, but little does he know she is plotting the ultimate revenge on him and when that bomb is dropped its going to shake his and Gabi’s world. In addition, a war is going to be ignited between Jake and his brothers over the company takeover so this could produce some very fun drama to say the least. What a weird pairing between Xander and Gwen of all people. Well they have both done horrid things so who better to connect with.

Too bad Gwen is about to get Xander in a mess with Dr. Snyder. Xander issued a threat, but Snyder didn’t seem to care and things got out of hand and let’s just say Dr. Snyder is no more. Gwen and Xander are in a predicament yet again for Gwen as someone has died as a result of her, while not directly; he suffered from a heart attack, but still. Hmm, I wonder how these two plan to cover this one up.

Based on that “Days” summer tease, looks like Snyder will end up in the lake where the “DOOL” young crowd will stumble upon the body. Not really a murder mystery when we know who committed the deed, just ask “The Bold and the Beautiful” who just floundered horrendously with their latest twist.