LOS ANGELES—The threatening email that shut down 1,000 schools in the  Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) has recently been revealed by local authorities, according to New York Daily News.

Contents of the email, which according to New York Daily News, includes ramblings and broken English was cited by NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton as “nothing to sweat over.”

LAUSD decision to keep over 700,000 students (K-12) home from school, was immediately quipped by Bratton as a “significant overreaction.” He also states that the suspect’s spelling of “Allah” with a lowercase “a” was one tip that the author in question isn’t to be taken to seriously.

Below are details of the email released by the New York Daily News:

I am emailing you to inform you of the happenings on Tuesday, 12/15/15.

Something big is going down. Something very big. It will make national headlines. Perhaps, even international ones. You see, my last 4 years here at one of the district high schools has been absolute hell. Pure, unmitigated, agony. The bullying, the loneliness, the rejection… it is never-ending. And for what? Just because I’m ‘different’?

No. No more. I am a devout Muslim, and was once against violence, but I have teamed up with a local jihadist cell as it is the only way I’ll be able to accomplish my massacre the correct way. I would not be able to do it alone. Me, and my 32 comrades, will die tomorrow in the name of allah. Every school in the L.A. Unified district is being targeted. We have bombs hidden in lockers already at several schools. They are strategically placed and are meant to crumble the foundations of the very buildings that monger so much hate and discrimination. They are pressure cooker bombs, hidden in backpacks around the schools. They are loaded with 20 lbs. of gunpowder, for maximum damage. They will be detonated via Cell Phone. Not only are there bombs, but there are nerve gas agents set to go off at a specific time: during lunch hour. To top it off, my brothers in allah and I have Kalashnikov rifles, Glock 18 Machine pistols, and multiple handheld grenades. The students at every school in the L.A. Unified district will be massacred, mercilessly. And there is nothing you can do to stop it.

If you do end up trying to, by perhaps, beefing up security, or canceling classes for the day, it won’t matter. Your security will not be able to stop us. We are an army of allah. If you cancel classes, the bombings will take place regardless, and we will bring our guns to the streets and offices of Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Bakersfield, and San Diego.

I wish you the best luck. It is time to pray to allah, as this may be your last day.

According to CBS News, the email was allegedly signed by al-waleed Baghdadi. Bratton alleges the sender to be a Jihadist, but mistakes in the letter are an indication of a mistake.

LAPD Police Chief, Charlie Beck and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti stand behind the chief’s decision.

“It is very easy in hindsight to criticize a decision based on results the decider could never have known,” said Beck.

Long Beach’s Unified School District has received the same threats. There were no school closures from the “non-credible threat,” but some parents opted to keep their children home, according to Los Angeles Times. Security was also heightened as a result.

LAPD Officer Fernando tells Canyon News that no suspects have been identified at this time and the case continues to be an ongoing investigation.