HOLLYWOOD—When we last left the musical drama “Empire” all sorts of craziness had exploded. Lucious Lyon had lost control of his company thanks to his son’s former lover Camilla (Naomi Campbell). Yes, it was indeed a shocking moment to say the least to see Hakeem betray the family in such a blunt way. However, the biggest shocker was seeing Anika push Rhonda down a flight of stairs to a bloody cliffhanger.

Is Rhonda dead? No, but things do not look good for their newborn child and it’s only a matter of time before the clues all lead to Anika. ‘Death Will Have Its Day’ saw the Lyon clan in uproar, as the company they worked so hard to build was snatched away.

The episode opened with Rhonda getting a glimpse of the red bottom shoes of a woman (Anika) exiting the house after being pushed down the stairs. She was able to crawl to her phone as she begged for the safety of her child. What a smart cookie, she threw her phone at the door to trigger the alarm to gain attention.

Lucious was livid, just as Andre did his best to ease his father’s fury. Hakeem arrived at his apartment to find a not so happy Cookie with a broomstick in her hand. She was none too pleased with her youngest son, who reacted without thinking. She did her best to talk some sense into her son, but he refused to budge as she viciously beat him with the broomstick and then with her purse. Cookie ain’t one to mess with people. Jamal took to the stage to perform his hit “Heavy.”

Lucious had no intention of leaving his office when Camilla burst in with the police, but news that Rhonda was in the hospital and his grandson was injured caused him to rush out in a flurry. At the hospital, Hakeem was exiled as Jamal, Lucious and Cookie broke the news to Andre that the baby didn’t make it. He lost it; riveting scene to say the least. Rhonda did her best to recollect with her husband what transpired, but her memory was fuzzy.

They may have been bitter rivals, but the bond between Cookie and Lucious is reigniting. Cookie found a way to prevent Lucious from making a mistake. He made threats to Hakeem’s life, just a Cookie made plans to take out Camilla. Cookie went toe-to-toe with Camilla, and was not pleased with the decision her son made. Lucious made diabolical plans to ensure a new CEO didn’t acquire his company.

Seriously, why the hell would Anika visit Rhonda in the hospital after the crime she committed? Jamal seems to be the only Lyon who is in Hakeem’s corner. He stormed into Laura’s musical session being a disrespectful ***; looks like he purposely did so to ‘free’ himself. Looks like Lucious’ plan of threatening board members to ensure the vote worked in his favor was successful. Looks like Hakeem got the wish he wanted; CEO of Empire and he gloated about his opportunity to take the company to higher places.

Jamal performed a new song to prove to all his doubters that he refuses to allow his sexuality to place him in a box when it comes to his music. Cookie, Jamal and Andre discussed the news of Hakeem becoming the new CEO of Empire, and Jamal shared news of a way to get his mother back on the inside. Rhonda dealt with a bit of post-partum depression as she arrived back home. To conquer her fear she attempted to climb the stairs, but was unable to do so; just as memories of that fateful night came back to her.

Cookie, Jamal and Andre paid Hakeem a visit, and it became apparent that Jamal was the key to getting Empire back. Hmm, I love this, Hakeem and Camilla are trembling. Looks like Cookie is back in biz as the head of A&R for Empire, which left Camilla fuming. She knows power is on the verge of falling through their hands, and Cookie is not one to mess around with. Cookie updated her ex on the latest development, just as Andre had an emotional breakdown while inside his unborn child’s nursery.

Hakeem might have made a fatal mistake in disregarding Laura’s talent, because Cookie saw a star in the making. The two rekindled their romance by taking things to the next level, and he echoed those famous words “I Love You.” He might want to be careful; he has Camilla, Anika and Laura all vying for his attention. Things will not end well for the youngest Lyon.

Lucious had a meeting with Hakeem where he confessed to killing Bunky. He made it clear to his son that he was willing to kill to take what he created back. He handed Hakeem a gun informing his son to not be afraid to take him out; Lucious was dead serious which was scary. Hakeem refused to fire at his father, and its apparent blood is not thicker than water.

The tease for the rest of this season looks damn riveting. “Empire” airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on FOX. So glad to see you back!