UNITED STATES—ABC news reporter Amy Robach came forward with rare witness testimony of one of the victims from Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking organization. Project Veritas has been working with Robach, who had an exclusive interview with the victim, Virginia Roberts with Epstein three years ago.

Robach indicated the victim was in hiding for 12 years and was used as a sex slave and forced to have sex with Prince Andrew. Robach asked, “Who’s Epstein. No one knows who that is.” The reporter had pictures, information on Former President Bill Clinton, and the woman who was reported to be Epstein’s recruiter for the under-aged girls, Ghislaine Maxwell.

The reporter vented about her exclusive story being shelved when the microphones were supposed to be off. Project Veritas has asked for assistance in discovering who shelved the story at ABC News. Robach indicated that ABC was threatened by royalty over the information the co-anchor had obtained.

Epstein, a pedophile that was in jail awaiting sentencing for his part in his sex trafficking ring died of suicide in prison in July 2019. He was on suicide watch, after unsuccessfully attempting to kill himself in June 2019. The guards who were to be watching Epstein, allegedly fell asleep when he hung himself inside his jail cell. Multiple victims were ready to testify against Epstein.

Rumors have run rampant that Epstein did not commit suicide, but was murdered, but no evidence has come forward to prove those claims. Robach said with all of the information she believes without a shadow of a doubt that Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself.