HOLLYWOOD—The wait is FINALLY over “Bold and Beautiful” fanatics! After months of dragging out the truth between Quinn and Ridge, audiences witnessed the fallout of Eric Forrester learning that his wife Quinn and his son Ridge were secretly hooking up behind his back. It was a glorious moment for fans of the soap, as Quinn and Ridge bickered about divulging the truth to Eric, just as Sheila and Charlie spied on the couple from a distance.

That Sheila, her arrival to the soap has totally altered the landscape and in quite a way! At first, we thought she was the culprit framing Katie for shooting at Quinn, only to discover it was not Sheila at all, but this woman (who is still carrying a torch for Eric), was determined to find out about this woman who has taken not only her place, but also the great Stephanie Forrester.

It almost felt like this week that Sheila was on the verge of retorting to her old self after witnessing the betrayal against Eric. When Sheila dropped that bomb on Eric he was livid, more like on the verge of exploding as he shattered that glass across the mansion. Denial was riddled across Eric’s face, but deep down it was evident the pieces of the puzzle started to come to fruition. He wanted Sheila out his abode, but just as she was about to leave, Quinn and Ridge entered the home, which only heightened Eric’s suspicions.

There was some top-notch acting from John McCook, Kimberlin Brown, Thorsten Kaye and Rena Sofer. Eric was shattered by the revelation that the two closet people in his life divulged to him. His son, hooking up with his wife, that’s a devastating blow to say the least people. Making the situation worse, is that Sheila spilled the beans to him first, and it exploded when Ridge and Quinn admitted to sharing several kisses behind Eric’s back. He was enraged, and Quinn begging, like literally begging Eric to forgive her was laughable. Why? The rage in Eric’s eyes noted, he wanted a bit of revenge for his wife making a fool of him, while everyone told him to be cautious of Quinn.

Making the situation that much worse was seeing Eric deliver a fatal blow to Ridge and his ego. At this point Ridge might be looking for another job, and family altogether, people forget, that Ridge is not biologically speaking a Forrester people.

So Brooke, Katie and Ivy better get in line to feel the wrath of Eric Forrester who is certain to make a few lives a living hell with this bombshell that has ripped his life apart. I mean, I cannot fathom how Bill never questioned Brooke sooner about her sudden end to her engagement to Ridge. That would be something I would absolutely have to know before walking down the aisle.

Well, the truth is out now, so it’s just a question of how Forrester Creations will recover. I mean they have that swimsuit fashion show in Monte Carlo coming up, not to mention a fashion duel between Spectra Fashions. It’s going to be fun to see brother and sister (Steffy and Thomas) go toe-to-toe to deliver the best fashions.

Ripple effects are about to be felt at Forrester Creations “Bold and Beautiful” fans. And we have two people to thank for that: Ridge and Quinn!