HOLLYWOOD—I just feel like the air is being sucked out of this Eric Forrester ‘dying’ storyline on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Why do I say that? It could have been something epic, but some key players in the drama are missing. I mean Eric’s is near death, but the only children here are Ridge, Thorne and Bridget? Please make that make sense, especially when you have a situation where his kids, Kristen, Felicia and Rick are missing. I’m sure the powers that be could have found a way to get the actors back just for a few scenes to strengthen the impact of this storyline.

Ridge, who was given Eric’s Power of Attorney was ready to pull the plug on his father after he collapsed and found himself in a coma. Why did that happen? The truth about the fashion duel was exposed and it shocked Eric (just as I predicted).  Donna was against the move, so was Steffy. I mean, I get Ridge trying to honor Eric’s final wishes, but c’mon, you’re really not going to consider Donna’s and Eric’s latest love after the loss of his late great wife, Stephanie Forrester (more on that icon later).

Brooke, I have no idea what she was doing. Yes, she shares two kids with Eric, but it just feels a bit forced. Steffy is an emotional mess as she should be, but where the hell is Thomas? I mean this is his grandfather we’re talking about here and I still cannot understand Brooke not contacting Rick to let him know his father is nearing death. There are too many loopholes in this narrative that are not making any sense for me.

While everyone was preparing to say their goodbyes and bid farewell to EF, he had some movement. That movement led to Ridge giving Finn and Bridget the ok to perform the surgery to save Eric’s life. Yes, you would think that Eric’s doctor would find a treatment, but no, it was Finn who studied the diagnosis and after a few weeks, he discovers a possible remedy.

However, as Eric was nearing the light, he received a visit from Stephanie, yes, that Stephanie people, the great Susan Flannery. I had always hoped this woman would return to the canvas someday after she exited the soap years ago. I mean it hasn’t been the same since she left, but seeing her return even if it was for a fluke of a storyline, it was so worth seeing this talented, one-of-a-kind actress back on the small screen.

Luna and RJ, who cares about these two because the chemistry is not there, and it’s apparent the writers are hinting at Zende swooping in and possible knocking Luna off her feet. I mean she has been at Forrester Creations for five minutes and you would think because of the way that she is behaving she has been there for years and holds like a CEO or Vice President position. It just isn’t working for me, and Ridge why are you keeping Zende in the dark? He is blood, FYI, he is your sister’s son. If anyone deserves to know what is going on with his grandfather, it is this guy.

It just feels like way too many people learned Eric’s secret who wasn’t family versus those who were actually family. As I noted weeks back, Eric is going to survive, which makes me wonder, what is going to be the next storyline that kicks in on the soap because not much else is going on and the New Year is knocking at the door. I mean February Sweeps are just a few weeks away, so some storylines should be smoking on fire right now and we have none of that.